A Simple Day

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shoes: Madden Girl (The Shoe Department)
Necklace: NY&CO
Shirt: NY&CO circa 3 years ago...lol
Pants: NY&Co
Cardigan: Old Navy
A casual day at work.  Actually this oufit did not start off with the cardigan.  That was sitting on my chair at work, and I was cold.  But when I went in the bathroom I liked the look.  This is how one discovers something new. 
So anyway, my initial key item was the necklace.  This is not a new shirt, and I usually pair the necklace with this shirt when I wear it.  I don't really like to do matchy matchy between my shirts and shoes, but this one just seemed to work.
What you must understand is there are fashion rules, and methodologies on how some trends, colors, and clothes to be worn.  Whether you follow these rules 100% or not is up to you.  But the less you stick to the norm, the more your style is your own!  :)


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  1. Loved everything and how you coordinated everything ahead of time. I especially like the outfit you discovered by accident. It's very flattering to your figure.


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