Brown and Black

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A fashion rule that likes to be thrown around is "Never wear black and brown together".  This is pretty much saying all neutrals should not be worn together. If we never wore neutrals together, how would we dress?? I disagree with this fulheartedly. I believe both colors work well together. Now it does depend on the brown.  A darker brown works better than a lighter brown, but still who made this rule anyway!?!?

Jeans:  Luck Brand Jeans
Tank:  New York & Co
Jacket: Don't remember
Shoes:  The Shoe Department
Jewelry:  Vendor at Shecky's Girls Night Out

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  1. I just wore that combination to work last week. Who did say those colors don't go together. I wore a black silk shirt over dark brown pants.

  2. It's just an old conundrum that I have heard and read over and over again in fashion mags, by designers, and tv shows. I even heard it on What Not To Wear at some point. I, choose not to engage in this myth! lol


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