Black and White Checkers

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I bought a new coat this weekend. I bought this coat from Express for $100 bucks. When wearing an attention grabbing coat, it's best to match it with a solid color handbag...not a bag with a print that outdoes the coat. I had my beige handbag, but pretty much any solid color would have worked. Buy the coat and find a way to make it your own!

Coat: Express ($100...wait for their coupons and you get a deal :) )

Spring is in the air ladies and gentlemen, and I think the whole country is beginning to feel it. This jacket has been at Express for a long time.  They also have a solid white one, and a solid black one.  This jacket is light enough for the spring, and great for rainy weather. I wore it today and it was raining here in the H.  Have fun with it. Get a cute handbag, and a cute umbrella to match! :-p


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  1. Funny b/c I almost bought this coat too!

  2. I love this coat. I may go back and buy the solid white and solid black ones. I hate when I buy a trench and it stays wrinkled. The material of this coat doesn't wrinkle as much and I toss it all over the place without a care! lol


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