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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I entered Piperlime's Contest called "Be the Next Big Stylist".  The winner gets an appearance on The Rachel Zoe Project TV Show and gets to assist her in styling a celebrity. The contest involves styling 3 different looks using the software and clothing options piperlime has on their website.  Here are my entries...

Look #1
Picture this: It's your client's 10 year high-school reunion.  There'll be friends she hasn't seen for years. People to impress. Maybe even an ex-boyfriend (or two).  Show us how you'd make her look great...and feel great too.

Look #2
Your client is a high-powered exec.  Her day? A meeting with the vice president. Her night?  A much-anticipated date with a new guy. Put together a look that goes from day to night.

Look #3
Your clients best friend is getting married. (Yay!) She want to look amazing, but definitely doesn't want to overshadow the bride.  What do you put her in?

Well these are my entires. Let me know what you think and wish me Luck!!

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