April Showers

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We all know the old catch phrase:  "April Showers bring May Flowers".  Well April is fast approaching, so make sure you have your rain ready gear.

Mini-Umbrellas (Target $12.00)
These are great if you don't plan on spending a lot of time out doors, nor feel like lugging around a big umbrella in your hand or around your wrist all day. Most mini-umbrellas should fit into your handbag.  Make sure you keep the sleeve that they come in, so that you can put the umbrella in the sleeve, after use.  If you are like me, and can never get the umbrella to fit back in the sleeve, consider carrying a freezer sized ziploc bag.  The last thing you want to do is have the contents on the inside of your bag become wet.   Have some fun with it too, pick a fun pattern and then a solid one, mix it up.

Regular Umbrellas (Target $12-24)
Picture this...knee length yellow raincoat, black rainboots, and the cutest umbrella accessory ever.  Now I tend to stay away from the tall umbrellas, because they are a nuisance.  Especially the ones with the cane handle...what can you do with that? But on extreme days, it become necessary to pull out the excalibur umbrella.

Raincoats (Express, Macys, Target - $89-$150)
To head into spring, you need a trenchcoat.  Everyone needs at least 2 trenchcoats...one for the Spring...and one for the Fall.  I recommend lighter, brighter cheerier colors for the Spring (Pinks, white, tan, yellow, orange) and darker colors for the fall (black or brown).  Buy the coat first than find great umbrellas to match!

Rainboots (DSW $40-$60)
Rainboots are not the most attractive pair of shoes, but they get the job done. I personally like to stick to the basics when it comes to rainboots because then I can throw them on with anything.  Basic black, or the black and white print.  But I plan on investing in some fun color rainboots too.  It's spring, and this is when color matters most.  After the dreary days of winter, don't be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe.  It actually is a good investment to spend some $$ on high quality rainboots.  You want them to actually keep your feet dry. 

Rainhats (Target)
I personally would opt for a rainjacket with a hood, or just an umbrella, but some like hats.  I recommend bucket of floppy hats to protect your hair from the raingods :)
Happy Shopping!

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