3 Events, 3 Looks

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you have a crazy social calendar like me, it's best to know what your plans are ahead of time.  That way you can plan your outfits accordingly.  Yesterday I had work, a happy hour after work, and then a  game night at my church.  I decided I didn't want to fully change my outfit 3 different times because I wouldn't have time....
Work:  8-5
HH - 5:30 -7
Game Night:  7-??

So when I picked my outfit for work, I picked something that I could use for all three with minimal wardrobe changes.

Work Outfit
It is not necessary to wear heels everyday to work, and being that it was Friday, I wanted to be comfortable and chose to wear flats.

Shirt:  Charlotte Russe
Black Tank:  NY&Co
Pants:  NY&Co
Shoes:  Marc Fisher (Macy's)
Choker:  Friend

Happy Hour Outfit
After work I went to a happy hour at McCormick and Scmick's Seafood place downtown in the Houston Pavilion.  People tend to dress up to eat in the Pavilion so I slightly modified my outfit.

I changed my outer tunic shirt to a Jacket. 
Jacket:  JcPenny's

and changed the flats to heels
Shoes:  Guess by Marciano (Macy's)

and took my hair down

Game Night Oufit
After happy hour I was going to game night.  Those sky-high heels would not be appropriate for game night, where we would be playing wii, etc. 

All I did was change to a pair of low-wedge shoes for game night
Shoes:  Rampage (Marshalls)

And there you have it folks.  3 events, 3 looks.  I picked these outfits out in the morning and put the jacket and the 2 other pairs of shoes in my trunk.  Then I never had to stop at home.   And you should always carry a mini brush and comb with you, for quick hair changes.  Yesterday it was crazy windy, so by the time I walked from my car to the Happy Hour, there was fixin' a needed!


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  1. Mmmmm McCormick and Schmick's. Love that place.

    Oh yeah, and cute outfits :) I love those wedges!

  2. Yay! McCormick and Schmicks was GOOOOD! We're definitely going when you return!


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