Saturday, February 27, 2010

I don't know about you ladies, but I have a ton of accessories and very limited space to store them. I live in an one bedroom apartment in the city, and trust me, they weren't thinking of a fashionista with the size of the closet they gave me!
My closet has no room for handbags.  I almost had to pile them on the floor if it weren't for a catalog that came across my doorstep. One day, while roaming through a Bed, Bath, & Beyond Catalog, I stumbled upon these over-the-door purse racks. One pack is $14.99 and it comes with 2.

After finding a space for my handbags, I needed a storage location for my long necklaces.  Long necklaces are a big craze and I have a bunch.  Unfortunately, these necklaces are too long to fit in your average jewelry box.  Here is the solution I came up with for mine: 3M hooks! These are great if you don't want to fuss with nailing a key ring hook on the wall.  These are also great for apartments because they don't damage the walls and they're easily removable. 

For additional organization, you may want to color code the necklaces; one color per hook, or a certain style per hook. I tried that, but I shuffled so many different pieces around that it became a nuisance! I'll just settle with having them hang on the wall, ha! As far as the rest of my jewelry I use your run of the mill jewelry boxes.  Both of the brown jewelry boxes I received as presents from my parents.  A girl should also have travel jewelry cases to take her favorite with her on a trip.

For earrings, my tips are as follows: If you don't have a lot of rings, use the ring section of your jewelry box to store small earrings, like studs, etc. I used to lose mine all the time, until I started doing this! I also put the earring backs in this section as well. Have you lost all of your stud backs? You can buy them in bulk on Amazon.

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  1. I totally stole the 3M hooks idea and I love it!

  2. Great! I'm glad that works for you. Also if you want it to be more decorative, you could try keychain holders.


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