Friday, February 19, 2010

I spent $70.00 today picking up 5 pairs of shoes from the Houston Shoe Hospital. The frugalista in mean could barely contain her excitement.  I'm VERY rough on doesn't matter what the shoe is designated for. They could be work shoes, going out shoes, gym shoes, doesn't matter, after awhile, I tear them up.  Buying new shoes can be an expensive, so when I discovered Houston has places that can repair my shoes, I had to take part.  

Now some of you may be thinking, "Seventy dollars!? That's still expensive".  But think about it this way:  If you buy a pair of shoes for $40.00 and ruin the heel (the rubber falls off, or you scuffed it, etc.), what would you do? Some ladies would ditch them and purchase a new pair of shoes. Well let's do the math.

Normal Method
5 pairs of shoes at $40.00 each = $200.00
5 new pairs of shoes to replace the old ones = $200.00
Total spent on 5 pairs of shoes (because remember you don't have 10, you have 5, because you threw the first 5 away....) = $400.

My Method
5 pairs of shoes at $40.00 each = $200.00
5 repairs @ Shoe Hospital =$70.00
Total on 5 pairs of shoes= $270.00

Total Savings = $130.00

The trick to shoe repair is finding a GOOD shoe repair place. Try searching for one in your area or ask some of your friends.  Make sure to check the reviews as well.  You want to make sure the repairs they complete will last, otherwise if you keep having to repair the shoes, it's no longer cost effective. If you're in Houston, I took all of mine to the Houston Shoe Hospital on Shepherd Drive. Make sure to periodically check sites like Groupon for deals on your shoe repair, like this one!

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  1. Do they fix the soles inside of the shoes too?

  2. I think they have a lot of services, but I didn't need that done so I don't know. But I can't see why the wouldn't do that.


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