Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One of my favorite things about being a women, is that cheap versions of our clothes can be made to look expensive. Yes a Fendi suit would be amazing, and I wouldn't think twice about taking it, if someone was going to offer me one. But for the most of us, we can't afford Fendi...pause for the reality to sink in. Even if you use a credit card to buy it...technically that means you still can't afford it.

Shirt (NY&Co):
I chose to wear a hot pink covered button-down shirt, because that color really stands out against the black. You obviously have your choice of color here. Any color that works for you will work with this look, because everything is the same color, except the shirt!

Jacket (Had it so long, I don't remember where I bought it from):
The long suit jacket goes in and out of style often. I choose not to care whether it's in or out. I call it my Maestro jacket because it reminds me of an orchestra conductor. I have had this jacket for YEARS!! Literally for years, and it has never failed me. 

Pants (NY&Co):
Though the suit jacket has pinstrip, I wore non-patterned pants. It actually gave an extra emphasis to the jacket.

Shoes (Target):
Standard Low-heel Black pumps from Target. I tend to find that shoes from target aren't the best on YOUR own heel. So pick up a pack of Dr. Scholl's heel liners for any shoes that give you heel irritation.

1. Spend money on a suit jacket that will withstand time, trends, and wear

2. Tailor a cheaper suit to better fit your body

3. Buy button down shirts that are long enough to stay tucked in your pants. It's very annoying to fumble with your shirt all day, and you don't want portions of it hanging out. Especially if you choose to wear a shorter suit jacket.

4. I would stick with black for the suit jacket. This is a very neutral color and you can wear it with anything...other suit pants, other work pants, jeans, work skirts.... 

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  1. Wow! Nice outfit for work! I look like a bum when I go to work. Half the time I'm not even sure how I even made it there, but I'm going to do better in 2010 though. Banana Republic had these beautiful pumps on sale tonight -- leather ones $26!!! The "Jacky" platform pump is available online for $69.99 but I recommend you going to the store to see if you can get them at the same price as me!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Anabel! Actually I am in the market for new work pumps...I recently just sent 6 pairs to the shoe hospital. I'm pretty rough on work shoes :( Thanks for the tip!


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