OOTD: Shades of Brown

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last night, was supposed to be my Friday Night In. I had ordered some food from a Mexican Restaurant earlier in the day and wasn't feeling so great...but around 9 pm, I felt way better! So I headed out.
Brown Over Shirt: Old Navy // Dark Purple Tank Top: NY&CO
Gold Necklace: H&M // Red Shades: NY&CO
Tan Boots: Victoria's Secret Shoe Catalog //Brown Leggings: Target ($6)
Raincoat: Steve Madden (Macy's)

We went to Davenports Martini Lounge on Richmond. It was very chill and they made really good drinks. It was an interesting time...though I definitely saw some "What Not To Wears!" I'm thinking about creating a "Don't Do This" Page....

Most of the time when I get dressed to go out, I just look at my closet and pick the first thing I want to wear, and then I pull everything to go with that one item. Last night I wanted to wear the leggings, and I went from there. I knew that I didn't want to have a whole bunch of colors, but I'm a big fan of the gradient look (the same colors at different levels). With leggings, you should try to wear a shirt that covers your butt, so then I knew I would have to look for a long shirt. That led me to the brown animal print overshirt (a bit 80s, but I like it). It is see-through so I had to wear a tank underneath, and I picked a purple body shaper from NY&CO. To complete the look, I chose my tan boots and tan raincoat. :)

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