The Comfy Suit

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Key Item: Black and Blue Striped Pants
Location: Office
Temperature: 50
I find it's easier to put together an outfit the night before than the morning of. Last night I checked my trusty , and knew it was going to be a bit cool again today. As much as I hate the cold, I am enjoying wearing my winterwear. Key Item: Stripe Pants.
You'll find that the more and more you think of outfits, the easier this game becomes. When I see the weather I automatically get snapshots of what's in my closet and what I want to wear. So it's very easy for me to pick out the key item.

Pants: NY&Co
Shirt: NY&Co
Blazer: NY&Co
Laptop Bag: Target
Shoes: Connie (Famous Footwear)
I wore no accessories with this outfit, as I felt the gold flowers and the stripes on the pants were enough.

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  1. It looks very comfy and I agree that it doesn't really need any added jewelry but if someone did, maybe a small simple chain or a black choker. Believe me, I'm no fashion expert.

  2. I still liked the color of the original page a little better but this is definitely workable. Maybe you can consider in the background a lighter shade of burgundy..or is that what you had before? Or light gray, hmmm...

  3. Yep! There is no expertise here, you can take my ideas for outfits and totally turn them into your own. If you want to add jewelry, that's great. Make each look work for you! :)


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