City Cowgirl - Houston BBQ

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last night I went to the World Championship BBQ Contest at the Houston livestock show and rodeo.  Now you know with a title like that and living in Texas, that one has to bring out her cowgirl persona.  I am sad that I do not own a pair of cowgirl boots yet :(. I know I know, I've been in Houston for 8 months and own no boots. But I will be getting a pair for the actual rodeo so that I can fit in. I also think I want a black hat!

Tired of the mundane pics in my apartment, I went to the top of my apartment complex to capture the city.

Choosing this outfit:
Originally I was going to wear boots, so I knew that I wanted skinny jeans.  Skinny jeans fit inside boots nicely, and they don't bunch like wide-leg jeans.  Then I wanted a button-down country shirt feel. I don't own plaid shirts, so I wore this Converse button-down.   Then I chose a belt with the biggest belt buckle out of my collection.  I originally had the button down on it's own, but then decided I wanted to be able to unbutton it.  I grabbed a tan tank top to wear underneath.  I changed from the boot idea to kitten heels, after my experience at the Pasadena BBQ where I walked around a lot. I decided these shoes would be more comfortable to walk in verses heeled boots.

This is where I come to the point where I can't explain why I chose the red shoes.  I looked and them and decided it would work.  Some people may have back away because compared to the rest of the outfit they really stand out, but I liked that.  They were the first shoes I saw in my closet and I went for it.  To compliment the shoes I chose a red necklace, and my friend Colette let me borrow her cowgirl hat.

Later I decided that the necklace was too girlie, and opted for a neck scarf.
Necktie:  Self
Hat:  Friend
Necklace:  Charlotte Russe
Jeans:  NY&CO
Shoes:  Payless


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