Choosing an Outfit

Monday, February 22, 2010

When trying to determine what to wear you must consider many factors:

1. Activity, Date, & Time
2. Location and Location's Dress Code
3. Weather @ time of activity
4. Functionality
5. Friend's style

Activity: Saturday night was my friend Jessica's Birthday party
Time: 8pm
Location: The party was at
Lucky Strike Lanes and they have a strict dress code (posh)
Weather: Low 60s at 8pm
Functionality: Bowling party
Friend's Style: Friends birthday, do not want to be more dressed up than her.

Ok now that we have defined the 5, it's time to go to the closet. It's a birthday party, so you know you want to show some effort in your outfit (non-slob). The time is 8pm on a Saturday Night. Clothes worn at 3pm, are typically different from night-time wear, and it's at a bowling alley.

For bowling I suggest wearing closed-bottoms, like jeans or shorts (think twice about skirts and dresses). I chose a pair of black jeans
Black Skinny Jeans: NY & CO

I tend to sweat when bowling, because I'm pretty competitive so I wore a loose fitting tank top
Tank Top: NY&CO (Summer)

The weather is low 60s, so you'll want a jacket
Jean Jacket: NY&CO

Lucky Strike is a lounge, and therefore you can still wear cute shoes. Just pack a pair of socks in your purse for when you are bowling, and the heels for if you choose not to bowl. And you never know if your friend will want to go out after bowling, and you want to have that cute pair of shoes on the ready!
Shoes: Nine West

To add pizazz I added a solid black scarf and a pair of silver and gunmetal earrings

Accessories: Self

While bowling, you don't want to be fumbling around with a big bag, but you do need a bag big enough for your socks. A posh over the shoulder bag is the best bet. Then you dont' have to worry about it.

Over the shoulder bag: NY&CO

Final look

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