My 2018 Fall Decor

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Now that I have taken DOWN my Fall decorations, I should probably share them, right (insert SMH emoji here)? This year I have been so behind with everything; even blog posts. I wanted to share my Fall decor when I first put everything on display, but alas, time got away from me. However, better late than never so here is my post sharing my Fall decorations. 

I'm not big on Halloween decorations. I don't do scary. There are no spiders, ghosts, graves, etc, in my decor, but you will spot a few Halloween-ish items in the photos.   Typically, when I think of decorating for Fall, I think of harvest time. I think of leaves changing colors and warm earth tones.  Items that fit this description are pumpkins, hay, maple leaves, pinecones, and acorns. I also associate certain smells with Fall, such as cinnamon, apples, and pumpkins. In fact, I place Air Wick Essential Oil plugins all around the apartment to breathe in their Apple Cinnamon scent (which is a favorite of mine from their collection).


Fall decor nicely matches the rest of my kitchen decor because most of my kitchen items are rose gold, which is a lovely color for Fall.  All of my decorations blended in nicely with the rose gold.  I also change my home decor pretty often, and this can be an expensive venture, so I tend not to spend a lot of money on seasonal and holiday decorations.  Most of my decorations come from The Dollar Store, Marshall's, Target & Party City.  For example, the sparkly placements, the sparkly plates, AND the woven placements all came from Marshall's.  The flowers are silk flowers from the dollar store.  Since I have two cats, I'm always nervous about keeping live plants and flowers, because some of them are poisonous to pets. Instead of trying to figure out which ones are safe or not, I just stick with the fake ones.  The dollar store has a ton of floral bouquets that they change out seasonally as well, and they are super cheap! Every now and then a leaf may fall off, but you can easily plop it back on. 

Most of my Fall decor items I've owned for a few years, but I did add some new items this year.  The translucent brown tumblrs were from The Dollar Spot section of Target. Target is really one of the best stores for decor. They have that entire $5.00 or less section up front full of goodies. But watch out because if you're like me, you may end up throwing everything in your cart and then it's not that cheap when everything adds up at the register! All of the pumpkins (sparkly, felt, and plaid) are from Target. Another great thing about Target is after the season is over, some of their seasonal items go on sale. I picked up the big plaid pumpkin above for like a dollar last year. 

I think I picked up these leaves from Target. They were a bit more expensive than the dollar store silk flowers, but this is a long vase, so I needed longer flowers.  Hobby Lobby is another great option for silk flowers. The flowers are typically on sale every other week.

Where did I get that awesome cat mask, you ask? Even if you didn't, I'm going to tell you anyway. I made it! My neighbor hosted a paper machier party on Halloween (that yes I still need to blog about) and I decided to decorate the cat mask. My mask was a hit! Everyone liked how I added glitter around the eyes. The mask fit in perfectly with my blue decor and for Halloween!

This sign is the cutest. Another Target find from last year. The front says "Cheers Witches!" and the back says "Time for Boos!" Both of these are perfect statements for the bar area.

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