DINER EN BLANC HOUSTON 2018: Eleanor Tinsley Park

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This past Sunday, I attended the 4th Annual Diner en Blanc Houston (DEB) event. I've covered DEB 3 out of the 4 years it's been here in Houston. I have several blog posts about the event on my blog, but in case you're not familiar with the concept, let me explain.  Diner en Blanc started in France a few years ago, and it has found its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the states. Diner en Blanc officially arrived in Houston, in 2015. It's a pretty cool event.  Thousands of people sign up to attend this "flash mob" dinner, but everyone has to wear white.  None of the registrants knows the final location of the dinner. They only thing they are given is the date of the event and the time to meet at a meet-up location. There are several meet-up locations around the city and the DEB Committee determines which location you go to.  You arrive with all of your items for the dinner: food, tables, chairs, table decor, wine, etc. and buses take you to the surprise location. 

The very first DEB Houston was held at Discovery Green. Year two was held at Minute Maid Park. Year three was held at Midtown Park, and this year the dinner was held at Eleanor Tinsley Park (aka Allen Parkway).  As media, we find out the location of the event ahead of time, because we're asked to arrive before the dinner guests do, but we are not allowed to tell anyone the location! I was thankful that the location was close to my apartment and I was able to Lyft over to the dinner party.  Attending Diner en Blanc is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. It's such a great time. Not only are you with thousands of people dressed in white, but there's always entertainment from contests to live bands.  I love attending and I hope I'm able to attend every year. I know for a fact that Diner en Blanc happens in Philly, but I know there are other locations around the US, where it occurs as well. Head to the website to find one near you, and try to register as early as possible, because it ALWAYS sells out and you don't want to be on the waiting list.  Houston, you can find information about the Houston event here: houston.dinerenblanc.com.




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