Sunday, November 11, 2018

Artist Sharon Mowry with her stunning pieces of glass artwork
Day 2 of the Bayou City Art Festival I spent ensuring that I saw everything I did not see on Day 1. There were entire sections that I missed.  Day 2 was just as fun as Day 1. I found some really stunning artwork. Now I just need to be rich to buy them! I did swing back through the kid's area again to make a second paw rock! Check out the amazing artists' booths from the rest of the festival below:

Sharon Mowry

This couple was so pleasant! Frank & Eva Thompson run Frank's art business together! You can find them at

Rewind Jewelry. I've been a fan of Rewind ever since my first BCAF visit.  I own several pieces from their work


Victor Edwards is the designer behind these great pieces of comfy outdoor furniture.  His brand is called Mahogany and Rope
Alexander Brown, wood sculptor.
The featured artist this year was Chris Vance

Carl M. Crawford creates paper collages that look like paintings! He calls them Collage Illusions. It's even more impressive in person y'all!

I own a piece by Joel Anderson here. I bought one of his Periodic Table coasters that spelled out OMG with Oxygen and Magnesium. I purchased that coaster from him at White Linen Nights in the Heights a few years ago. It was cool to run into him here at BCAF and see more of his work!

Artist, Gregory Arth uses old computer parts to create his artwork.  His use of media was so unique and impressive, he won BEST IN SHOW out of all the artists at BCAF for the weekend. That's pretty impressive! Congrats to Gregory Arth.

How cute are THESE salt and pepper shakers? This both by Silvie Goldmark had some many options for great tableware in silver and gold!

These 3D paintings aren't what you think! They are actually dyed and shaped pieces of wire mesh. They are really neat to see in person! Bonnie Shanas is the artist and you can find her at

Neil Russell artwork

Work by Artist, Dolan Geiman
The very last thing I did on Day 2 was my caricature painted on a rock! I've had a digital caricature drawn, and now I can say I have a rock caricature!
If you missed the downtown edition of the Bayou City Art Festival, don't fret! The Spring dates have been announced for the Memorial City version. The dates are March 29 - 31, 2019.

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