My First Time at the Texas Renaissance Festival!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This is a sponsored post. In exchange for an honest review, tickets to TRF were comped.
I can finally...FINALLY remove "attend Texas Renaissance Festival" from my bucket list. It only took nine years to complete this task.  Ever since I moved to Houston back in 2009, everyone has told me about the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) and that I need to attend. It's not that I didn't want too...somehow every year I just never made it.  TRF is held during the same time every year: Late September through the end of November, but it's only open Saturday and Sunday.  Something was always on my calendar  on the weekend that I couldn't make the trip. And even with that, I really have no excuse because it's not that far. It's just an hour drive from Houston. It's between Houston and College Station (home of Texas A&M).

This year, I was determined to go.  I recently came into some more free time and I was offered media passes to cover the festival.  Each weekend of the festival has a theme, and I was able to pick which weekend I wanted to attend. Surprise, surprise! I picked "Heroes and Villains" weekend, which is why the Mario brothers are pictured above! Although it was super cold (at least cold for Houston...48 degrees) my friend Holly and I had a blast at the festival. It was fun being there for Heroes and Villains weekend because there was such an amazing melting pot of Renaissance and superhero costumes!

Deadpool Pirate anyone?
I originally wanted to attend both days, so that I could wear my Supergirl costume on Saturday, and my Cleopatra-esque costume on Sunday. I know, what does Cleopatra have to do with Renaissance...nothing really? I just wanted to wear that costume! I actually think it fit in pretty well! The festival is MASSIVE. I'm unsure of just how many acres it covers, but it's a lot. Not only is the festival huge, but they have a camping ground adjacent to the festival where a lot of visitors camp out between Saturday and Sunday. I hear that's one of the best parts of the trip. Maybe one day when I'm brave enough (and it's a warmer weekend) I'll try the whole camping thing...I'm not really the outdoorsy type....

The best part, to me, about TRF was that everyone stayed in character. We were just outside of the gates when a jester asked to take our portrait, instead of picture and it was "thy portrait".  The people working in the stores and the food booths held their old English accents and everything was in pounds (dollars).  The first thing Holly and I did was find food.  It would not have been a complete trip if I did not eat a Turkey leg.  I don't know if it was the cold, but I literally could not stop eating at that festival. I started off with the Turkey Leg, then a massive onion blossom. Holly and I walked around and watched The Sound & Fury skit, then we headed back to listen to the Celtic band, Tartanic. I LOVE THEM by the way. I definitely plan on purchasing their CD on itunes. They were selling CDs in person, but I didn't want to walk around with more I don't really have a player for CDs anymore. 


There are still a few weekends left for TRF if you want to attend! You can find out everything you want to know about the festival here.

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