Sunday, October 07, 2018

Earlier this year, my friends Leena and Andy bought a house! A few months later her and her family hosted a housewarming party.  Leena loves country life, and her home is located in Sante Fe, Texas. It's about an hour drive from where I live in downtown Houston, but I don't mind! I love the feeling of getting away.  I've been to her house a few times now since the housewarming party, and they've already made a ton of changes, so these are a little outdated. For instance their kitchen cabinets have been painted and they've moved the location of the Mazda, but I still wanted to share! 
Selfie in the country!
Leena and Andy thought of everything for the party. They had games, lots of food, and even a Henna Tattoo Artist. I can never pass up the opportunity to receive a Henna tattoo. They are stunning and I love that it's temporary (One day I may get a permanent tattoo). Leena and Andy invited their friends, family and co-workers, so I ran into a bunch of familiar faces while I was there! 
Receiving my Henna tattoo!

I loved this rustic Mazda! Andy works on cars and had procured this lovely. I'm sure in it's heyday it was super fast!

Leena and Andy's hosue has not one, but TWO ponds!!! I forget how many acres they have but I think 2-3? So much land! I definitely need them to build me a guest house for my trips to visit! hahaha!
I'm not going to lie. I purposely dressed "cliche" to go to the country. When I think of the country I think of farm lands, cowboys, chickens, and farmers! And in my mind, farmers wear overalls! I definitely know the country has way more than this to offer, but I wanted to feel like I was a true country gal, so I wore my coveralls and my "timberland" wannabe boots.

I love all of the wood paneling in Leena's house! It gives it character. I would classify Leena's house as ranch style. It's one level and long.  My grandma lived in a ranch style house, so it brought back found memories!
Some of my coworkers playing cornhole!
I know it's super late Leena, but congrats on the new house!!!

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