Friday, October 12, 2018

I'm starting to rack up the number of Comic Conventions that I attend every year.  Typically, I only go to one and that's Houston's Comicpalooza in the Spring.  This year, Houston was treated to a brand new comic convention, called Fandemic.  Fandemic arrived in Houston the weekend of September 14th - 16th.  Fandemic was held at NRG Center. Hosting the convention at NRG Center was a great idea, because a lot of guests could arrive via our Metrorail without having to worry about driving. 

I was extra excited to attend Fandemic because of their celebrity guest list.  My first dabble into Superhero TV Shows was watching Smallville, and Fandemic was bringing Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and John Schneider to the convention for a Smallville reunion. I have to say, that out of all of the guests, they were the ones I was MOST excited about. My second favorite guest was Bruce Campbell.  As I mentioned in my pre-Fandemic post here, a lot of people know Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series, but I know him from playing Autolycus on Xena and Hercules!!! The panels for Bruce Campbell and the Smallville casts didn't occur until Saturday, so Friday night I explored the marketplace. 

How stinking cute are these knit droids and jawa?

Cap has signed this shield!
Captain America armor: Gauntlets from Wakanda, First Avenger Shield, Winter Soldier through Civil War Shield
Look at the mini baby Groots!
I stumbled upon The Flying Pig Phenomenon booth with their super cool unicorn horn headbands!

The Flying Pig Phenomenon also makes super cute cat stuffed animals! I love the green avocado cats!
Yamin cuts metal to make awesome logos and shapes!
You can find more of his work at
The artist at Century Artisans, focuses on making fabulous wood art! I loved the Wonder Woman and Stranger Things logo art.
You can find more of her work at
I've been enamored by great swords for years, especially Katanas! I plan to own either a real Katana one day, or at least a replica! These are available at The Magick Cauldron.
I like this Darth Maul doll..I mean figurine
Evil Dead Car replica
I would so rock this Captain Marvel handbag! LOL! I want it!
Batmobile replica!

Actor, Michael Rooker, aka Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy started walking around the convention and taking in the sites. He LOVED the Batmobile replica!

One of the lovely authors that I met on Friday night!
The Paul Mitchell School had their students onsite providing free hair styles and makeup looks! I never pass up a change to have my hair did!
Stay tuned for more recap posts of Fandemic!

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