Friday, September 21, 2018

No Emmaline is not the name of a new friend, or a clothing boutique, it's the name of one of Houston's newest restaurants! Every few months, Leena and I get together for brunch with our gal pal Brenda! For this particular brunch, we choose to try Emmaline! I had heard so much about it and saw some other bloggers there, and definitely wanted to check it out.  I feel a little bit of a special bond with Emmaline, because it's located right next to my old storage unit that I used in between moving. I basically watched it being constructed, so it was cool to see the final result. 

Emmaline is a beautiful restaurant. It's 2 stories, and the 2nd floor has a posh outdoor seating area. The one thing I regret about Houston, is it being too hot sometimes to sit outside and enjoy a great outdoor space. But it's worth it sometimes, and I think the next time I go to Emmaline, I'll request outdoor balcony seating! The three of us were seated at a fabulous booth (inside) and we were able take in all the sights. Of course, I was the crazy person that PHYSICALLY got up and roamed around the restaurant taking pictures...I think people thought I was crazy.  #BloggerLife is taking pictures around people that have no idea why you are taking photos.  Thanks to my lack of feeling embarrassed, I bring to you the below photos!! If you live in Houston or you're in the area, I definitely recommend Emmaline!


P.S. I desperately want to call this restaurant Emmaline's with the apostrophe S! I have no idea why I can't just call it Emmaline! hahaha

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