Skydance - The Larger Than Life Ballerina Mural

Monday, July 30, 2018

Living downtown, I'm privy to sneak peaks of new things being installed around the city. For a few months I would pass by this parking garage on my way home and catch a glimpse of this larger than life ballerina mural being completed. The mural, titled Sky Dance, is the largest mural in Houston and was painted by artist C. Finley. C. Finley is widely known for her geometric art and she designed the mural after Houston Ballet soloists Mónica Gómez, Nozomi Iijima and Allison Miller. I impatiently waited for it to be completed! As soon as the mural was done, I enlisted my gal pal Heather Petrey to come take photos with me, and we set out to capture Houston's newest mural.  

Capturing this mural was a lot harder than expected due to the sheer scale of the artwork.  The mural is so big that even going out to the sidewalk on the outside of the parking lot, it's hard to capture the entire mural.  The further back we would go, the smaller we looked! Ha! But I thought those far away shots were pretty cool, because they REALLY show the scale of the mural. For perspective I'm 5'7" and I look pretty small in comparison to the mural.  So unfortunately, our shots are either really zoomed in on me and mostly the blue part of the mural or zoomed really far out with more mural than me! Ha! But it was still fun. I hope this mural stays there forever! 

White dress: New York & Company // Canvas Shoes: c/o Lafayette 148 New York // Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics // Necklace: c/o Lulu Frost
I love these shoes! I'm terrified of wearing them, since they are solid white, but they are a great addition to any outfit. I like the zipper detailing that I can zip all the way up or leave unzipped! Thank you Lafayette for these cute kicks!

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