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Well yesterday was a magical day if you followed the nuptial ceremony of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, now officially titled the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I had good intentions of waking up early to watch the wedding live, but I definitely slept through it! Ha! However, when I woke up, I immediately googled the wedding to find a video recap. I knew I would have no trouble finding a video of the wedding. I watched it on my phone so that I could screen snapshot moments from the wedding that I absolutely adored.  In this post I'll be sharing some of those screen shots. 

Did you watch the wedding? Did you wake up early? Or watch the recap like me? Either way did you enjoy it? I loved every minute of this wedding. I thought it was beautiful. Everything was perfect from the intimate venue to her dress, to the blending of countries and cultures.  I even loved the cars that the Queen and Meghan arrived in.  If you didn't watch, you'll enjoy these recap photos.  I’m still OBSESSED with it days later.  In fact, I just finished watching it a second time. I definitely cared more about this wedding than I did William and Kate's for many reasons: 

1. I’m the same age as Harry. As William and Harry grew up, so did my older sister and I. We watched them go from kids to adults just like we did. Diana was the people’s princess and she changed how her kids were raised and made them relatable to the public.

2. After the news of  the school shooting at Sante Fe High School (50 miles south from where I live in Houston) it was nice to be caught up in something as fantastical and beautiful as a wedding. It made part of the weekend enjoyable again.

3. Just the overall story of Harry and Meghan. How they met, how they kept their relationship secret. How they didn't really know much about each other, and that she wasn't going after him for his title or fame.  She seems so down to earth and in my head she’s another one of my best friends.  She's been added to the long list: Chiara Ferragni, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Ellen Degeneres, Princess Diana.  I imagine Diana would have loved her.

4. Prince Harry’s growth and change over the years. I believe a lot of Harry’s early years of defiance and rebellion were a result of losing his mother. William was older and handled it a bit better, but Harry was younger. It’s just great to see him settle down, find the love of his life and find happiness. He seems sooooo happy, and he deserves it after losing his mommy so tragically. You can just see how much he loves Meghan. In every photo, interview he’s enamored by her. I just love love.

5. Diversity. The world is changing and while some people want to stay in the past drawing lines in the sand of who can marry who, being racist, talking about bloodlines, etc...I just watched a royal wedding where a biracial American woman married a British white man.

6. The black elements brought into this British royal wedding. The blending was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I loved that it wasn’t just a one-sided, by the book British Royal wedding. Meghan was able to have elements in the ceremony that were important to her AND Harry.

7. Princess Diana. She was stunning inside and out. She did not deserve to be treated the way she was by that family. I’ve never really liked Charles since. She did not deserve to die the way she did. So I love to see the legacy of her children and grandchildren and how they remain close with the Spencers and incorporate their mother into everything that they do.

8. It may seem silly to some that the world could be so caught up in the nuptials of two people that they will probably never meet, but with all of the terrible news going on in this world, following the lives of the royal family is a pleasant change.

Meghan Markle  with her mom, depart in this amazing vintage Rolls Royce from Cliveden House on her way to Windsor Castle for the ceremony. How amazing is this burgundy Rolls Royce! Talk about arriving to your wedding in style! 
The arrival of Prince Harry and Prince William.  William takes his turn as the Best Man.
The brothers decided to walk the path to the church versus driving all the way to the entrance.
The princes remove their hats and glove upon entering the church
So many people showed up just to catch a glimpse of the couple!

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip arrive to the wedding.
Did you know? Prince Phillip always walks a few paces behind the Queen out of respect for her title.
Waiting for Meghan to arrive.

Bridal party consisting of pageboys and bridesmaids. It's also tradition for the bridal party to be children. Duchess Kate went against this rule with her sister Pippa Middleton as her maid of honor at her marriage to William.
The bride arrives in a custom Givenchy Wedding Gown.
Givenchy designer, Clare Waight Keller, the designer of the dress helps Meghan drape her veil and lines up the pageboys.
I loved this side angle of Meghan in her stunning dress!
Entering the Chapel
Bride is here!
I love the face on the pageboy behind Meghan! Hahaha

Meghan walked the Nave of the church by herself, but Prince Charles met her at the entry to the Quire.  Meghan's father was supposed to meet her there to walk down the aisle, but he had to have emergency heart surgery rendering unable to fly and attend the wedding.

First Glance!

Meghan's mom Doria Ragland overcome with emotion over seeing her daughter arrive.


This woman is stunning! She is a beautiful bride.

The Nave part of the church.
Prince Charles of Wales, Camilla Bowles and Duchess Kate

An amazing orchestra led by Conductor Christopher Warren Green

The Choir of St. George's Chapel
Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir sang an amazing rendition of "Stand by Me".



The renditions of "Amen" and "This little Light of Mine" while they were on the stairs and getting into the carriage also gave me goosebumps. They were just the best songs for this moment for some reason!

I love the members of the family standing behind Harry and Meghan on the steps!

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