AVEDA Collection Dinner With Cup of Charisma and Oui We Girl

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A few weeks ago I was invited by Aveda to attend a collection preview dinner hosted by my home girl Jillian Goltzman of Cup of Charisma and Andi Eaton of Oui We Girl at Tiny Boxwoods.   Each of us at the event received a goodie bag filled with hand-selected beauty products for each of us. We were also treated to a complimentary hair appointment at Aveda Salons around Houston.  I was unable to have my appointment done before the dinner due to my work schedule, but I booked it for the Friday a few days later and I'll do a separate blog post on my fun experience at Josephine's!
Jillian and Andi, our blogger hosts for the evening!
I've only been to Tiny Boxwoods one other time before, but I really like this restaurants.  Our dinner party was held outside and we were surrounded by the gardens at Tiny Boxwoods.  Somehow I missed this garden area the first time I ate at this restaurant, but the name completely makes sense now, considering they sell boxwood plants. Apparently the entire space used to be a nursery and the area that holds the restaurant used to house Christmas Trees. When they turned that area to a restaurant, they kept the other area for the garden. They have a nursery outside and guests can buy plants!

So happy to attend this dinner with two of my favorite people: Jillian and Jaclyn  (Jaclyn from Jupiter)
The garden area was the PERFECT place for photos.  It's a stunning backdrop. Our tablescape was very nice as well.  Each of us had assigned seats and we received a copy of Andi's new book called Wanderful.  I've definitely added this to my reading list for the Summer. We also met the Aveda marketing rep for our region, and she was so much fun! I really enjoyed talking to her about her career with Aveda. It's great to talk to someone who is passionate about their job. Check out some photos from the evening that I have shared below. 


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