Monday, January 08, 2018

Last year, I attended Comicpalooza for the 3rd time.  Comicpalooza is Houston's version of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).  However, unlike SDCC, you can easily attend Comicpalooza with the quick purchase of a ticket (no memberships and online waiting room needed).  I love fashion, but I have a whole other side of me that loves being a nerd! Attending Comicpalooza is one of my yearly highlights!  

There's an artist that I look for every year to purchase a new piece of art from: Cory Smith Art. His illustrations are amazing.  Last year I purchased a sketch of the Flash and Green Arrow, and this year I purchased Loki and Black Panther.  So I'm even, owning 2 DC and 2 Marvel sketches. 

He does a lot of illustrations and more than just superheros and comic book villains. 

The voice actors that voice the Spongebob characters, L to R: Squidward, Patrick, and Spongebob

How cool are these food serving trays in the shape of the Millenium Falcon.
Dead Pool, Deathly Hallos, and Yoda serving dishes
Cutting Boards
I want a wooden wand so bad!
Wood Lightsabers
JR Tolkien symbol, the author of the Hobbit stories and Lord of the Rings. 

Replica of the car used in Supernatural

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Comicpalooza!
Don't forget to purchase your ticket for 2018 Comicpalooza! They're on sale now!

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