My Week with the Toyota C-HR

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

I received the Toyota CH-R to drive for a week in exchange for a honest review
Last month, the Day for Night music festival returned to Houston for it's second annual installment. Toyota was a main sponsor for Day for Night and reached out to me to cover the Day for Night fest, while discovering the city of Houston with a C-HR. The C-HR is Toyota's newest car added to their line-up. I'm a huge fan of the Toyota | Lexus brand. Before my Lexus NX, I had a Toyota Camry, and I've had nothing but good things to say about my time with these vehicles. I was more than happy to accept their offer, and a few days later, a new C-HR was delivered to my home for me to drive for a week.

My C-HR came in magnetic gray metallic. I actually really liked the color. I typically go for red or bold colors, but this gray was pretty cool. So funny story about this car. When I first saw it, I thought it was a 2-door car! From a distance,, it looks like the back passenger doors are an extension of the front doors.  LOL.  I even posted an instastory on instagram talking about how the car was a 2-door before I realized it actually had 4-doors! Which brings me to a cool point about the car. Check out the back passenger doors...can you find the door handles?  I know right! I actually like their placement, because it does two things: one it helps with the illusion of a coupe, if you were trying to have this car look a bit sportier and two, it makes the car unique! 

I drive the Lexus NX F-Sport, a small-sized crossover. It's under the Toyota brand, so a lot of the features inside the C-HR were similar to my Lexus, so I was able to adapt to the interior features pretty quickly. The C-HR is also considered a crossover, but it's very affordable.  It only has two model options; XLE and XLE Premium, starting at $22K and $23K respectively.  The C-HR is a smaller crossover, but it has more space than you would think.  It's a 4-cyl, but has the ECO-NORMAL-SPORT drive mode options when you want to save on gas, or pick up the speed. The 4-cyl is perfect for this size of a car. It drives VERY nicely, and it's easy to maneuver. I really like how the car handles, and I drove it a lot. Added bonus? I drove it to and from work and around the city for a week and didn't have to refill the tank.

I actually liked this car so much, that I'm considering trading in my Lexus for it! It's a very nice car at half the price, and I'm definitely considering the financial options! For more information on the Toyota C-HR, please check out the following link: DISCOVER THE C-HR. As one of the headline sponsors for Day for night, Toyota had a big section near the main red stage. Their tent area was called Lair of Mischief. Inside you could view the C-HR and even make a fun video inside the Beats Box C-HR. 

My friend Jillian, Cup of Charisma was also onsite covering the festival!

I just want to give another thanks to Toyota for inviting me to Day for Night and providing a fun car to drive for a week!

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