Monday, December 25, 2017

I had a whirlwind weekend a few weeks ago. I covered Day for Night, and hosted my annual Christmas Party! I have a lot to blog about! Every year, for the last 4 years I've hosted an intimate Christmas Movie night party at my apartment for my co-workers. However, my new apartment is a bit too small to carry on the tradition, but I still wanted to have a Christmas party.  I wanted to host the party in the lounge of my new high-rise, and make it a bigger shindig, but of course my lounge isn't ready yet...I'm pretty disappointed by that. I was told the rest of the amenity floors would be done before the end of year, and of course they aren't. I will have to blog about my high-rise experience in another post. 


However, I found an amazing place to host my Christmas party; the amazing mid-rise across the street called Alexan Downtown.  Alexan is literally located across the street from my high-rise and funny story, I actually toured the Alexan as a potential option to move into. I really loved the lounge area at Alexan and the apartments.  They were high on my list, however their availability for move-ins didn't fit into my move-in schedule, so I had to take them off the list, but I still love them. The management team was nice enough to offer their donwstairs lounge space for my Christmas party. They even sponsored an amazing dessert bar for us created by Poppin Party.  I love dessert bars and in my mind, I expected the desert bar to be a couple cake tiers with cupcakes, etc, but when I arrived the dessert bar, rivaled that of a wedding reception display! I immediately fell in love with Poppin Party, and booked them for my birthday in February.

My party was a mix of blogger friends, personal friends, and co-workers.  About 15 or so people made it in throughout the evening, even with the terrible weather. I was thankful for everyone that was able to still come out in the inclement weather! We had a great time playing games, chatting, and stuffing our faces! See some of the pictures from the party below:

Goodie Bags for my guests
Bae put together this display of Christmas boxes for me! He did such a good job!
Shout-out to Jeshua and Ryan for helping me decorate for the party!

After the party at Alexan, a few of my guests came back to my apartment! We hung out for a bit and watched some silly show on Netflix.

Check out Alexan Downtown and Poppin Party: 
Alexan DowntownWebsite, Facebook, Instagram
Poppin Party: Website. Facebook, Instagram

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely party and the place was just beautiful, food, guests and decorations. We are happy that you were able to spend time with people since you weren't able to come to visit this year.


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