DISCOVER: Flea Style Handmade & Vintage Market

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A few weeks ago, I attended the Flea Style market for the first time. The market was held at Silver Street Studios, one of my favorite venues in Houston for events. Flea Style is a curated market that focuses on selling handmade and vintage goods. The company was created by Brittany Cobb in 2009 and is based in Dallas.  Brittany and her team also host a conference for creatives and a weekly podcast called Fridays with Flea Style! I love attending markets, especially markets with unique items. I invited my friend Heather to attend the festival with me.  We had a fun time checking out all of the booths. I discovered new brands to add to my future Shop Small/Shop Local page (stay tuned).  

Not only does Brittany run the market, but they also have their own booth at the festival. The Flea Style booth was one of the first ones that I visited. They had a bunch of unique items, but I loved the handmade tassel earrings the best! Tassel earrings have been trendy for awhile now, but I can't get enough of them!!!! At the booth I met DeAnna Acklin, the e-commerce manager for Flea Style. I also had the opportunity to ask Brittany a few questions about Flea Style. 

I love these long tassel earrings available at Flea Style 
Where did the idea for Flea Style come from? 

The idea for Flea Style came from my desire to start a flea market similar to the ones I grew up with shopping in Southern California and New York. When I moved to Dallas there really wasn't anything like Flea Style around and I was trying to fill that void for shoppers seeking unique handmade and vintage items like me. 

How long have you been doing shows in Houston?
Our first Houston show was May 2016.

Picture of Brittany Cobb from the Flea Style Website
Gorgeous jewelry by Burdlife

How do you go about procuring/choosing the items that you sell at your own Flea Style booth?  We shop for our booth all year long. We hit flea markets all over the country for our off-the-beaten-path finds as well as work with our vendors on exclusive products to push both in our booth and our online shop,

How amazing are these Biggie and Tupac Planters?
Can you tell us a bit more about the conference you host for creatives? 
Our summit is a one-day cool conference for creatives that's all about inspiring and educating people on ways to grow their ideas, business and even personal life goals. We incorporate panels, workshops, shopping and happy hour.

Available at The Fusion Hangar

How can people find out more about Flea Style and participate as a vendor?
All of our info is online at Our Spring applications go live Friday 12/1 and go through 12/31. 


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