Attending The 3rd Annual Diner En Blanc Houston

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Houston welcomed the 3rd installment of Diner en Blanc this past November.  In case your unfamiliar with Diner En Blanc, it's origins started in Europe. People gather at meeting locations around a city dressed all in white, and are lead by team leaders to a secret location to set-up tables and have dinner. None of the attendees know where they are going, until they get there, so it's a bit of a "flash" mob event for the attendees.  Everyone is expected to white, and bring their own food and drink and fun decor items for their tables. There's entertainment at DEB, photobooths, and lots of dancing. It's a really fun event to do with friends, family, or significant others!

This was my second time attending DEB. I attended the very first Diner En Blanc Houston in 2015 with Leena.  The first one was held at Discovery Green and you can read all about my experience here.  The second edition was held at Minute Maid Park. Unfortunately I was unable to attend last year's event as I had a conflict.  This year, the PR team behind the event invited me to attend to cover the event as VIP/Media.  I happily accepted! Even as media, I didn't know the location of the event until about an hour before and I was under an embargo not to release the information until the start time of the event. As media we needed to know a little bit before everyone else, to get set-up.

The first year I attended, I wore a white wig and a dress with heels.  This year I wore a pants look (to be featured in subsequent blog post).  I also attended the first year as media as well but this year they had an even better space for media. They had an entire lounge area with yummy foods, open bar, and desserts. This was also my first time visiting Midtown Park since it's completion. I really liked the layout of this park. It's very nice and I love to see more parks popping up in and around Houston. I definitely want to go back during the day to explore the park even more!

After I stuffed my face I walked around and took shots of tables and some of the entertainment! Everyone was having a good time and becoming friends with strangers.  I'm not gonna lie, some of the food people brought looked so scrumptious that I wanted to invite myself to some of it...I didn't...but I wanted too...especially a table I found that had Nothing Bundt Cakes. I also loved the creativity of the attendees in their table decorations! 

Attending DEB has become a popular item, and many people were waitlisted to attend. If you have an interest in attending the 2018 edition, I suggest visiting the DEB Houston webpage and visiting their registration page to see your options for registering.  

Richmond Punch performing

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