Friday, December 30, 2016

As I mentioned previously in my mason jar DIY post, I changed up the color theme this year for my Christmas decorations.  I switched from red and white to blue, white and silver.  I wanted to share with you how I decorated my apartment this year with this new theme!
I was hosting a Christmas party at my house the day after my Ugly Christmas Sweater party. To make sure that I have enough room for all of the food, I continued to leave up my foldable 6 foot table alongside my octagonal shaped table. I wanted the tables to have the same tablecloth theme so I found a tablecloth at Marshall's that came in both square and rectangular shape and picked up two of them. I don't think octagonal shaped tablecloths exist, so I always just use square or circle tablecloths and make them work.  The majority of the decorations in the below pictures I picked up from Wal-Mart, Target, Marshall's, Hobby Lobby and the dollar store.  I don't spend a lot on Christmas decorations, because to me they are only up for a small amount of time.  I love the decorations that I picked up from these stores. 

Peace on Earth Banner: Target / Snowflakes: Wal-Mart / Gift Bows: Wal-Mart
Reindeer Salt & Pepper Shakers: Wal-Mart / Snowflake Tray: Dollar Store / Placemats: Target / Tablecloth: Marshall's
The snowflake ornament and the clear ornament were gifts I received over the years at previous Ornament Exchange parties.  I use fake Christmas trees, so unfortunately they're just a bit too heavy for my tree, so I use them as decorations around the apartment.
Napkin Ring Holders: Target / Napkins: Bed, Bath, & Beyond / Ostrich Plumes: Etsy and left over from my 1920s Birthday
Trees: Target / Deer: Target / Ornament Filler: Target / Basket: Target / Mason Jars: Target / Polar Bear: Hobby Lobby

Christmas Trees: Hobby Lobby

Snow Blankets: Wal-Mart / Nutcrackers: Target ($10!!) / Stocking Holders: Target / Pet Stockings: Target

Christmas Wreaths: Target / Snowflake lights: Target / Snowflake Wall Hanger: Dollar Store
Stockings: Wal-Mart
Large Gift Bows: Target / Snowflake Banner: Target
Left Wreath: Target / Basket: Wal-Mart / Ornaments: Wal-Mart / Right Wreath: Wal-Mart

Holiday Pillows: Target

I have 3 Christmas trees up in my apartment. 2 are up in the living room and one is up in my bedroom. I started off with just 2 trees, but the black tree was at work and was being treated poorly so I was asked to bring it home...LOL. Therefore I have 3 Christmas trees up for the holidays!

When I first started decorating this tree, I almost didn't put ornaments on the tree. I actually liked the simplicity of just having the garland and the lights on the tree. It was also really pretty at night too. 

And then I realized that I had all of these ornaments and decided to put them on anyway.

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