WHAT I WORE: Striped Maxi

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Well, these photos are LONG overdue. I took these photos in front of the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall the very first day it opened. I almost forgot that I had these photos! If you follow a lot of Houston Bloggers, I'm sure you've seen this full wall by now. Bloggers, in general are obsessed with wall murals for photos, and I'm not exception. As a fashion blogger, a wall made up of different solid colors like a rainbow is the PERFECT spot for photos.  When it came to picking out my outfit to pair with the multiple colors of the wall, I had time deciding between one solid color, or something bright. In the end I went with a bright blue Maxi dress that I had picked up at Target a week earlier. I felt the color of this dress paired nicely with all the colors of the wall. Thank you to my friend Evelyn for taking these photos of me!

Sunglasses - Aldo Accessories // Maxi Dress - Target // Sandals - c/o Nine West // Cropped Jacket - The Women's Home


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