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The much anticipated, "over-promoted" collaboration finally hit the shelves of H&M this week, and as expected, utter chaos ensued.  I learned my lesson a long time ago with the first one of these "Designer-Fast Fashion" Collaborations and that was with Missoni for Target. I woke up early to shop the collection and the entire site crashed, and by the time I arrived at the stores, nothing was left. Later I read that people ran into Target grabbed handfuls of stuff, went home and tried to resell everything at extorted prices on ebay. After that horrific experience I no longer buy-in to these collaborations.  If there is something out the next time I happen into that store I'll check it out, but I will not wake up early. I will not go get in line, and I certainly will not be trampled to death or get into a fight with someone over clothes. The videos that circulated Wednesday, November 5th for the collection debut were really over the top. In fact an entire article was devoted to the madness in Europe

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Houstonians were in for a surprise when they realized the collection was only available at the Galleria H&M, making the odds of scoring Balmain for H&M in person even less.  I asked a few of my FB friends on their attempts to score BalmainXH&M.

Safa Ahmad, "I'm currently in line at the Galleria. It's not terrible, & it's very organized. I got the main piece I wanted online, & am shopping for small items in store!" (Seems like Americans were handling the launch a bit more calmly than in Europe)

Yvonne Guidry, "I bought some pants online. I had 4 items in checkout but only one made the cut! I'm driving to Willowbrook Mall now...not expecting anything to be in stock but if there is something I'll take it" (Yvonne later informed us that the Willowbrook did not carry the collection. I think it's crazy that there was such high demand online that things she picked disappeared from her cart! I would have been mad!)

As for me? I haven't tried to shop for anything. If they restock online maybe I'll check it out. Did you attempt to buy something from the collection? If so, did you get what you wanted? How was your experience! Please share below in comments. 


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Another season of Project Runway has come to a close, and I'm so happy for Ashley Nell Tipton and her win! She definitely deserved it. I think she had the best collection, and I'm not just saying that because I'm plus-size backing a plus-size designer. I think her collection was the most cohesive, and honestly the closest to what I would actually wear regardless of size.  I loved the crop tops, the teal colors and all the lace! I basically want this entire collection in my closet. The only thing I really wasn't a fan of were the flower hats. I love a good fascinator, statement headpiece as much as the next person, but I thought they took away from some of the looks.  Ironically my second favorite collection was Kelly's. I say ironically because after the Finale episode Part I, hers was my least favorite, but the final runway was so much fun! I think I liked hers more after viewing it all together because she had the most separates, and I could have a lot of fun with each of her separates mixing and matching. 

Ashley Tipton (center) with her winning collection.

My least favorite collections were Edmund's and Candice's. Honestly, I've had a hard time getting behind Candice ever since I saw her mean-girl behavior earlier in the season, but I've grown to look past that and just look at the close. Now last week, Candice's collection was at the top for me because I loved the big hats, and the big pieces she was adding to her collection. I think she just got lost between trying to find a balance between what she wanted, what she had and what the judges wanted. I think her collection would have been so cool with the big pieces. As for Edmund...sigh. I do like an occasional ruffle here and there, but I didn't really like his looks. Especially that electric blue, tiered bubble dress, and I've worn a bubble dress in the past, but it didn't look like that. I feel like he never truly made his collection cohesive. I felt like I was staring at 10 different looks that don't go together. So for the most part, I think I agree with the judges decision and order! Did you guys watch the finale? Do you agree with the judges choice for a win?

Candice's collection
Edmund's collection


Giuseppe Zanotti Opens
Slowly but surely, the plethora of high-end stores are starting to open their doors at Houston's newest mixed-used center, River Oaks District. The latest store to celebrate their grand opening was Giuseppe Zanotti's first Houston boutique! I was scheduled to attend this grand opening, but I had a personal issue this week and had to skip. To read more about the grand opening fete, check out this article in Houstonia Magazine

This week's style inspiration goes to my favorite looks from Ashley Tipton's finale collection!! 

This week's go-to of the week have been my Capelli New York flats. I picked these up at Burlington years ago, and they are super comy. Unlike other flats, these ones have an elastic collar that grip your foot so they don't slip and your foot does not slip out.  The ones I own are actually purple with a black cap, but since I bought these years ago, here's a picture of a more recent pair! Relatively cheap, simple, and comfy, these flats are win, win, win!

Capelli New York Elastic Flats

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