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Kendall Jenner - Harper's Bazaar
It's that time of year again...where women and men turn on the tube to watch leggy, voluptuous models wearing the latest in Victoria Secret undergarments. The televised version of the show does not air for the general public until December 8th, but the show was taped earlier this week on Tuesday. Social Media and online news outlets provided us with a glimpse at looks from the runway and behind the scenes footage. But, what is the VS Fashion Show without some controversy?  Let's start off with the annoying habit of women to start bashing themselves because they don't like like Victoria Secret Models. While I understand the temptation to want to run to the gym, in hopes of looking like Adriana Lima, we have to realize that being in shape and looking good in lingerie is the career of these models. If my day job, that pays for my livelihood, was based on how I looked in clothes, I too would keep a workout and eating schedule of these models, but alas it does not. There's nothing wrong with being inspired to work out or choose a healthy lifestyle, but bashing yourself and thinking of throwing up tonight's dinner is a little too far.    

Gigi Hadid - Harper's Bazaar
Beyond the ranting of women everywhere, there was drama with the show itself. First, Rihanna backed out of performing at the show last minute.  Citing the need to spend more time on her upcoming album, Rihanna's back out was pretty disappointing to her fans. Her 2012 performance at the show was pretty epic. However, Victoria Secret quickly recovered replacing Rihanna with Ellie Goulding. Ellie joined Selena Gomez and The Weeknd in performing during the show. And in other interesting news surrounding the show, model Jourdan Dunn had some choice words to say about the Annual VS Fashion Show in a recently deleted tweet.  In the tweet she referred to the show as BS.  Whoops! I'm definitely intrigued on why she hated on a show that's she's walked in at least 3 or 4 times! What do you guys think of the VS Fashion show? Do you watch it? 

Tim Gunn has no love for the Kardashians or Kanye West. Earlier this week, Tim Gunn sat down with Carolina Modarressy-Tehrani with Huff Post Live to discuss his work on Project Runway Junior. However, the conversation took a turn when asked about players in the fashion arena that are unusual, like Kanye West. "I think they're a bunch of dumb clothes," Tim stated when asked about his thoughts on Kanye's latest collection. When asked if he thought Kendall Jenner was on the road to becoming a Supermodel, and if she had the "IT" factor, he really was indifferent! The best part came when Tim's answer for an antidote to the Kardashian phenomenom, involved rallying behind Sasha and Malia Obama! Watch the full interview below:

Last week, the world watched as the first plus-size designer won Season 14 of Project Runway. It was a huge moment for the fashion industry, and the plus-size movement and Designer Ashley Nell Tipton deserved it. This week, lifetime aired the reunion show, and if we've learned anything from years of reality TV reunion shows, there's always drama to be had. Here are my thoughts on the reunion topics. 
Swapnel and Tim Gunn - Swapnel drove me crazy the entire season not giving his all. So many designers didn't make it onto the show and him staying "safe" was a wasted opportunity for another designer who would have given it 100% every week! I think it was an awesome moment when Tim called him out on his BS! He needed to hear that. He might have made it all the way to the end if he had given his all the whole time.

Mean Girls and Ashley - I despise nothing more than a mean girl. Those girls knew they were being mean girls at the time, but instead of owning up to it, they all tried to save their own skins. I honestly think Kelly is genuine and didn't mean to join in on the crowd with throwing Ashley under the bus, but the other 3...nope...certified MEAN girls in my book!

This topic isn't fashion related but I can't skip the opportunity to talk about it. Unless you've been living under a rock you may not know the drama that was kicked off this week in regards to Star Bucks' holiday cups. But just in case you know...under a rock, here's a quick recap. Star Bucks debuted their 2015 design for the holiday season which is an ombre solid red cup with the green starbucks logo in the middle. It's a very minimal design compared to year's past, but nothing to be upset about. However, some people were upset, accusing Starbucks of having a war on Christmas and hating Christianity because there were no symbols on the cup. A hashtag started to trend on twitter, #MerryChristmasStarbucks, by Christians who decided to take a "stand" against these offensive cups...

Ok now that I've let the ridiculousness settle in, you can see, why as a Christian myself this was very embarrassing. Two things are extremely wrong with their assessment. Previous years of Starbucks cups displayed winter wonderland themes which have nothing to do with Christianity as we know it in the bible. When did snowflakes, ice skates, etc have anything to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? And for them to say Starbucks is against Christmas?! These people must have jumped to conclusions without walking into a Starbucks, but I have. Just yesterday I went into Starbucks and just because the cups don't say Merry Christmas, almost everything else in the store does! From signs, to gift cards, to coffee blends. These people should really be embarrassed.

Rihanna, along with business partner, Benoit Demouy, launched their own fashion & beauty stylist company this week called Fr8me. It's more of a management company that  represents beauty professionals and stylists that can be booked for gigs. Rihanna kicked off the site with known favorites, but is looking to add new talent soon! Right now it looks like the only way to inquiry about booking an artist is the contact tab where you can send an email. 



Heart of Fashion debuts next week at Million Air. Opening night is November 18th! Don't forget to get your tickets today! Tickets start at $75 and go up to $700. The three night event will benefit 3 local charities.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham betta werk in this outfit! It's uber sexy, but still classy. It's definitely not safe for work, but for a fun fashion event, date night, or photoshoot, this look absolutely works. I love how curvy girls have options to feel confident in their bodies!

Photo from TheAshleyGraham
Faux Leather Skirt: Forever 21
Eyelash Lace Top: Forever 21

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