Thursday, November 12, 2015

I can never go to another AMC again! Honestly, my experience at iPic Houston was so nice, that I can't imagine watching a movie in another theater! Ha! iPic Houston is nothing short of amazing. The PR company for the movie theater invited myself and other media influencers in the community to an advanced media preview at the recently opened theater. The new theater is located in Houston's new mixed-use shopping center, River Oaks District. Upon my arrival at the theater, I was ushered to the check-in table and offered one of three specialty cocktails! While waiting for my plus-one, Evelyn Casas for our #GirlDate, I mingled with some of my other blogger buddies before taking the elevator upstairs to tour the venue.  

Ticket Pick-up/Purchase Tickets
Fun little press pass....although my website is wrong. Unfortunately I have hyphens in my blog url.
iPic waitresses on the ready to offer us a cocktail!
With blogger pals, Dominique and Lynne Gabriel
Once upstairs, my jaw dropped at the sight before my eyes: A full restaurant and bar in the lobby of the movie theater, called The Tuck Room! The Tuck Room has an amazing ambiance and would be the perfect spot for date night or grabbing drinks with friends! The Tuck Room offers yummy shared plates, and crafted cocktails. The Tuck Room is owned and operated by Executive Chef Sherry Yard. Sherry Yard is a pastry chef by trade, and worked for 19 years for Wolfgang Puck at Spago. And while you can enjoy Sherry's food at The Tuck Room, you can also enjoy the food in the movie theater.  The kitchen serves as the food provider for the restaurant and the movie theater. Enjoy gourmet food, while watching a movie? Count me in!


After touring the restaurant, we were moved to theater number 7 to learn more about iPic and be seated for the movie.  The owner of iPic introduced himself and discussed the concept of iPic. The creators wanted to take people back to a time in which people dressed up to go to the movies. Where you could enjoy a movie in a quality establishment, without sticky floors and loud kids.  He explained the difference between the Premium Seat options and the Premium Plus Seat options. With Premium Plus seating you get unlimited popcorn and soda, lazy boy chair, pillow, blanket, and can order from waiters during the movie!  Winning! The reason behind the free popcorn and soda is due to having the Tuck Room and the fabulous food by Sherry Yard and her kitchen. iPic wants their guests to focus on ordering Sherry's food and not about making money off of popcorn and soda.  He introduced Chef Sherry Yard, who took a few minutes to talk to us and share a video with us on her concept for The Tuck Room and working with different chefs for surprise dishes.  The owner also introduced the lead mixologist for iPic, Adam Seger. Last year, Adam Seger was named the 3rd best mixologist in the country, and I can believe it! My cocktail was very yummy! He definitely knows what he's doing!  

Premium Plus Seating is in a pod with a table, cubby hole, reclining lay-z-boy chairs, blankets and a pillow! This is the life!
My cocktail (left), Evelyn's (right)
Cubby for my purse!
Convenient side cup holder for my yummy cocktail!
I'll just go ahead and get comfortable now.
Owner of iPic welcoming the crowd
Chef Sherry Yard!
After all of the speeches and announcements, including the introduction of Minecraft gaming on the big screen for kids launching this month, we were treated to some of the food from The Tuck Room!  Let's just say, I would never go hungry in this theater!  We had 30 minutes or so with just the food and watching promo videos of the theater before they turned the lights down and started the movie! They played Jurassic World for us! The picture was so clear, and the acoustics amazing. Sitting in the pods you can't hear the people sitting in the pods next to you. It really felt like I was at home, watching a movie, in the comfort of my living room. The theater was so perfect that it honestly ruined my movie experience anywhere else...hahahaha! I can never go back to a basic theater! 

Address: 4444 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77027
Website: www.ipictheaters.com
Membership: www.ipictheaters.com/become-a-member.aspx
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iPicTheaters
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ipictheaters
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ipictheaters

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