Girl's Night Out with Absolut Elyx Martinis

Monday, November 09, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, premium alcohol brand, Absolut, invited me to a martini making class to test out their new vodka line, Elyx. Best of all? I was able to bring 7 of my girlfriends with me! I had several restaurant options and dates to choose from for the class, and I chose to go to Federal American Grill. This was my first time at Federal American Grill, and I really liked it! Upon my arrival I was greeted by two ladies from the Absolut team, and resident bartender, Peter, who took us to our table. The table setting was so nice! A white tablecloth adorned with pristine glassware, copper shakers and stirrers, a bottle of Vermouth, and of course two bottles of Absolute Elyx.  In the middle of the table was a Polaroid camera for us to snap photos of the evening and share with our readers! I absolutely fell in love with all of the copper. It was close to rose-gold in color, which is one of my favorite metals right now! But, beyond the copper being an amazing color for a table setting, there's a story behind it. 

Absolut is headquartered in Sweden, and it is here where the Elyx vodka comes to life after being distilled in a copper still. The copper helps give the vodka it's "silky" texture, as described by the makers, through a copper catalyst reaction (Ahoy! Chemical Engineering!). The still is manually operated, allowing Absolut to claim Elyx as a "handcrafted" premium liquor. To further brand the use of the copper still the company bottled the liquor in glass bottles with copper infused markings. The bottle is stunning (as shown below) and would be a great addition to any bar, public or private.

For the class, I invited my friends, Tammy, Leena, Jaclyn, Eva, Tiffany, Emilie, and Evelyn to come. Peter was our instructor for the evening. He was very knowledgeable on the brand and mixology in general. He explained to us the history behind Elyx then poured each of us a sample a shot of Elyx, but before teaching us the proper way to smell it.  I admit that I'm not a big drinker. When I go out with friends, I rarely drink, and if I do, I usually order the fruitiest drink possible..aka a strawberry daiquiri, so taking a shot of premium vodka was definitely a change! It was very strong, but I could tell the difference between it and that of cheaper vodkas I've had in my life.

After the vodka tasting, he walked us through making dry or wet martinis. I chose to make a wet martini! Bring on the vermouth! Ha! In case you didn't know, the difference between a dry martini and a wet martini is how much Vermouth you put in it. The more vermouth, the wetter the martini, the less vermouth, the dryer.  Several of the other girls chose to make dry martinis.  After we stirred our martinis and poured them through the shakers into our posh martini glasses, we could add olives and oranges to them. I went for the orange (this should be of no surprise since I like fruity drinks). However, I think I need to build my alcohol tolerance, because I basically just tasted alcohol with an orange in it! hahaha! But the other girls who may or may not be more experienced with different spirits thoroughly enjoyed their martinis! I enjoyed mine too, but it was definitely strong! I may have to use the Elyx vodka for a fruity cocktail instead of a martini! After we made our martinis we were moved to the after martini-class area that was full of yummy bites from Federal American Grill. My favorite? The truffle fries...I literally could have eaten those all night. It was definitely a fun evening with the girls! 


This is not a sponsored post. Absolut did not ask me to blog about the event they invited me too. Please drink responsibly.

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