EVENT RECAP: Kissue Boutique Grand Opening Party

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It seems like forever ago, when I first met Kailey and Kaygan Tissue. I first met the sisters behind the store Kissue, last May. Last minute I attended the last day of the Ultimate Women's Expo during it's stop in Houston. I went with my two friends, Sarah Pendley and Liz Werber. We were actually about to leave when we walked down one more aisle and stumbled upon the Kissue booth.  Kissue, which is the combination of the "K" in Kailey and Kaygan's first names merged with their last name Tissue, at the time was just an online boutique. The sisters, even then, had plans to eventually open up a brick & mortar but were waiting for Kaygan to graduate from college. Fast forward to a year later, and the sisters have realized their dream of opening up their first store at one of my favorite malls in Houston, Memorial City Mall. To celebrate the store's opening, they hosted a grand opening party, full of treats and discounts. I arrived and immediately caught up with my blogger pals, Heather and Madeline, which led to an impromptu photo shoot. I then of course had to congratulate Kailey and Kaygan! 

Kaygan & Kailey Tissue
I loved the store. The spot where Kissue is now located used to be a Frederick's of Hollywood and the ladies only had one month to turn the store around from "shagged carpet city", to a posh and shoppable atmosphere. I loved the theme of black and white. It's classic, minimalist, and streamlined and doesn't take away from the store's offerings. There's a lot of space to shop, which is great, because I hate going into boutiques or any store and feeling right on top of other people or stuck between racks. Several grayscale pictures adorn the walls. They're pictures of models in clothes offered by Kissue.  The fitting rooms are also swank with full sized mirrors and plush pillows to sit on.  There's even a nice lounge area with fashion books and the latest Kissue lookbook to browse. The best thing about Kissue is the price points. To me, everything is reasonably priced, and super trendy. The only thing I wish they had more of was plus-size, but I understand when you're just starting out,  that it's important to focus on one area at a time. I hope one day they have more clothes for yours truly! In the meantime I'll work my way into those larges and buy accessories! 

Madeline having fun with my camera.

Trying on some clothes in the fitting room!

I never heard of these QUAY Australia glasses until this night, and I haven't stopped hearing about them since! I'll have to check them out next time I'm at Memorial.
It was a pretty packed opening party! Such a great turnout.

Thanks Madeline for taking the photos!


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