EVENT RECAP: River Oaks District Media Day

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Earlier this week, the PR team for the development firm Oliver & McMillian invited some bloggers and media people out for a Hard Hat tour of the future River Oaks District. I'm definitely no stranger to wearing hard hats, I wear them at work everyday, but this is the first time I've worn one for an event. If you live in Houston, you're probably familiar with mix-used shopping area, as we have a few; City Centre, West Ave, Market Street,  etc, and River Oaks will be entering into the arena October 1st. However, I have a feeling that River Oaks District may come out the winner. Located at a prime location in Houston, a few blocks down the street from Highland Village, River Oaks boasts 650,000 square feet of high-end retail, restaurants, an iPic theater, office space and an Equinox gym. In addition to all this, there will be a luxury apartment complex above the shops called Grey House River Oaks that will rent 279 apartment homes. 

The media event started at 9:30 am on a Tuesday, and since I haven't used any vacation days yet this year, I decided to take off that morning to attend the tour, for a nice shakeup in my week. Oliver McMillan provided complimentary valet, hard hats, shades, and construction vest for each of the vest. There was also a drink station that offered water, and shots of beet or orange juice. Just beyond the drinking station, there was breakfast! Everything from yummy yogurt cups to pigs in a blanket were available. I might have had a few. And outside of the buffet breakfast table, caterers walked around with salmon bites and mini spinach quiches (I might have had 5...but who's counting?). I met up with fellow bloggers, Jasmine Berry and Evelyn Casas and we signed up for a tour of the district for 10:30. However the presentation & Q&A started at the same time, so we did the tour after the presentations. Greg Wattson; Oliver & McMillian, Jeff Zeigler, Grey House and Nancy Sims Pier Point Communications led the presentation. 

I thought it was so cute that the caterers also had their hard hats on. Safety first!

I liked this picture because in the midst of all this construction debris, there's a single sign that says "Dior". Future location!

Fellow Bloggers, Paola Rosales, Evelyn Casas & Jasmine Berry

Then we had some fun with the photobooth!


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