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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Day 2 of Comicpalooza started bright and early for me! I had to be back there at 8am Saturday morning to conduct interviews during the press junket (see interviews here). Since it was an early call time, I decided to do a mini staycation at Hilton Hotel Americas right across the street from Comicpalooza. The Hilton was also the official hotel of the conference, so it was cool to see a bunch of people walking around that swanky hotel in costumes! Anyhoo, after conducting the morning interviews, I wanted to check out the parts of Comicpalooza that I had missed the day before...starting with the gaming rooms. The gaming rooms consisted of everything from 3D game boards, to video games, to role-playing. I'm not really into those things, but I wanted to check out the action! 

After checking out the gaming rooms, I headed to the sports arena. All types of sports were going on, including Quidditch. Yes! Quidditch. Apparently the Harry Potter series' sport has become so popular on college campuses that it's a "thing" now. Colleges compete against one another, and there are finals. The first thought that came to mind when I heard that people play Quidditch is how? In Harry Potter, Quidditch is of course a "flying on broomsticks" game, so how in the world would they simulate that in real life. Turns out, the creators of "live" Quidditch have thought of everything. They use sticks to represent the brooms, an impartial human to play the snitch, different types of sports balls to represent the quaffle and beaters respectively. Each position on the team is represented by different headbands, and the seekers from each team don't enter the arena until the snitch is release. The impartial snitch runs around and tries to find ways to stop both seekers from getting to him or her and grabbing their tail. Grabbing the snitches' tail and removing it, is how the seeker wins the game. It was actually really entertaining to watch. They even allowed us to play, but I had to skedaddle to the next thing, and did not have a chance to play :-(. 

The snitch!

In addition to Quidditch there was sword playing, doomsday wrestling, and roller derby in the Sports Arena. I captured this team running --er skating drills to prepare for their upcoming match.

I had to leave Comicpalooza for about 3 hours on Day 2, to go interview noted photographer, Nigel Barker (I is hard! Stay tuned for his interview coming up next on the blog), but when I returned, I headed straight to my first cosplay contest. If you don't know what cosplay is, it's basically people who create or wear costumes of a specific character. Think Halloween, but at any time. Many cosplayers make their own costumes, which is impressive in itself. I loved all of the costumes I had been seeing at Comicpalooza and wanted to see the best of the best at a Cosplay contest. The only annoying thing about the contest is that it started 45 minutes late. I gave up going to other panels to come to the contest, and technically I could have did both with the start delay. Check out photos from the cosplay contest below:



The cosplay contest let out a little after 9pm. You'd think it would be time to go home, but nope! Comicpalooza was open until 2am. Exiting the cosplay contest, I stumbled onto the live art charity auction area. Talent artists from cake makers to illustrators took up residence to create masterpieces before our very eyes that were being auctioned off for charity. To enter the silent auction, you could sign up with your bid on the piece of paper next to the artwork. The pieces were amazing. I especially loved the Batman villain cake. I wanted to bid, but I had already spent a lot of money earlier that day and the day before. Don't put me in a place with a bunch of stuff that I geek out about because I'll spend, spend, spend! 

And last but not least, I stuck around to check out one of the live musical acts, before heading home! It was an amazing, but VERRRRRRY long day!! 

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