Saturday, May 30, 2015

I haven't always been a watch person. It wasn't until I purchased my first Michael Kors over-sized watch a few years ago, that I fell in love with wearing watches.  Skip to present and I pretty much wear a watch every day and on days when I forget to wear one, my wrist actually feels weird..feels naked. Watches used to be just for keeping time, but they've become an accessory in their own right. I love how something as simple as a watch can elevate or look or bring it back to casual. Over the years, my watch collection has become extensive and I'm always looking to discover unique and affordable watches. Which is why, when I was asked by Jord Watches to check out their line of wooden watches, I couldn't resist! Yes, you read that right, wooden watches! Most of us are familiar with stainless steel, leather, even rubber strapped watches, but not wood. This pique'd my interest! I was able to pick one of their watches to style, and I chose the Sidney Rose Gold watch. Lately, I've been obsessed with all things rose gold, and owning a watch with a rose gold face was right up my alley! 

The watch arrived in a cute wooden box (which I'm DEFINITELY keeping) etched with the Jord logo on top, and the word Jord on the side.

Inside the box, the watch came with it's own pillow and the Jord logo attached to it as a pendant (keeping that too, and the pillow!)

Inside the box, were instructions, and information on Jord, along with the extra cuff link that they took out when they sized my watch! Jord will size your watch before they ship it to you, so you can wear it right away!

I normally don't like watches with a lot of bling on them, but the circle of Swarovski crystals on this watch, is pleasing to the eye! The wood for this watch is Maple. I love the light stain of the wood; it makes for a great contrast against the rose gold face.

This is one of those watches that can go casual or dressed up! It could be an everyday watch, or soley for special occasions. I plan to style it with a bunch of different looks, so be prepared to see this watch on my blog more often!
This is how I chose to wear my JORD watch today!

Jord, while relatively new, has a decent offering of watches to choose from on their website. You can shop all of their products here, or check out the widget below! If I hadn't chosen the the Sidney watch, I would have chosen one of these other three:

Cora in Zebrawood & Turquoise - Cora in Koa & Rose Gold - Ely in Cherry Wood

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