WHAT I WORE: Wild At Love

Saturday, March 07, 2015

I'm kind of in love with this cropped, hooded, pullover vest. It was definitely a unique find at Runway Seven Houston, formerly Apricot Lane Boutique. I've featured it once before on the blog here.  I keep coming back to it for multiple reasons:

a. I like the way it allows me to transform an otherwise ordinary T-shirt into something cool. 
b. I like that it's cropped! (Have I mentioned that I have a cropped obsession?!)
c. It has a hood! (Really can't go wrong with a hood and a cute fishtail braid, now can you?)
d. The text, Wild @ Love can mean a few different things, but I like to think of it as meaning, one would do wild and crazy things for love or in love, and I'd like to think that could be me whenever I fall in love!

Hoodie Vest: Runway Seven Houston
T-Shirt: c/o Ford
Jeans: MICHAEL Michael Kors (Macy's)
Flats: Forever 21
Watch: MICHAEL Michael Kors


Photos by Leena Vuor

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