Sunday, January 18, 2015

It may or may not be obvious by now, but I like cars.  So anytime I'm invited to attend a car event I I try to go if I can. I made it to more than a few FORD events last year including this one to test drive the 2015 models of the Ford Mustang. Last year the Mustang celebrated it's 50th anniversary! Ford came to Houston's Uptown Park shopping center to allow fans of Ford or new fans to test drive the brand new 2015 Models. I attended the event with my intern, Evelyn! We had a fun time hanging out at the event, taking photos and chatting with our favorite Ford rep, Nik Ciccone. This was actually my first time ever in a Mustang. I've never driven one, nor ridden passenger. I always thought of Mustangs as a "guy's guy" car and for racing, and that it would be manual and purposely have a bumpy ride. I have to say I was very wrong! I loved the model of the Mustang that I drove.  It was automatic, and came with driving options so if I wanted more of that bumpy, race car feel I could have that, or if I wanted a smoother ride (which I prefer) I could have that too. My rep was telling me how the chassis of the newer mustangs were lifted up a bit so that I could see the end of the hood from the drivers seat, even though I was sitting lower. It was definitely a different experience from driving my Camry (which I love!) around all day, every day.  However, I could definitely see myself in a black or red mustang in the future when my Camry decides to leave me! Check out the photos that Evelyn and I took at the event!


In addition to test driving cars, Mustang partnered with OPI last year to develop a limited edition line of Ford Mustang Colors for OPI! They had two nail artists on site to do free manis for all the female drivers who wanted their nails done!

And you know me! I never miss a FREE opportunity to get my nails done!

The blue nail polish color really pops against the yellow! :-p!


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