Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back in October, while I was having brunch with some of my fave blogger gal pals, I had an idea to do a huge brunch for all the fashion & beauty bloggers in Houston! The brunch would be open to everyone in Houston or the Greater Houston area with the only requirement being that you were a blogger and blogged about fashion and/or beauty.  As founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, I'm very aware of the bloggers in Houston who are not in the group, and sometimes I feel that there becomes this line between bloggers in HFB and not, and that was never my goal. I hate separate, cliques, and lines in the sand. I say, tear them all down! So this event was my way of trying to being all the bloggers together, and not as a recruitment event for HFB, so I tried to make it very clear that it was separate from Houston Fashion Bloggers. I wanted it to be hosted by friendly, neighborhood bloggers who accept all bloggers, no matter their experience, group affiliations, etc. So I asked the girls that I typically go to brunch with; LeRenda, Taylor, Heather, Marcella, & Nikki to host the event with me! Since we go to brunch together and blog, I decided to call our event team The Blogger Brunch! 

Once everyone was on board, we started to plan. Of course none of my ideas rarely stay simple. I had a few snags...one big one finding a venue. When I originally had this "light bulb" idea at brunch, I wanted to host the event at Hermann Park, in November when the weather wouldn't be sweltering...however, Hermann Park was a little too strict with their event rules, so I had to find a venue. After numerous phone calls to connections, sending proposals, etc, the event ended up at Cottonwood Houston! This would be my first time at Cottonwood, and I loved it! It's a sports bar & grille located near N. Sheperd and 610 N. If I lived closer I would definitely be a frequent visitor. 

The event started at 2pm, but we arrived around 12:30 to stuff goodie bags and set-up! Of course Houston decided to have a crappy weather day on the day of our event and it was rainy and a little chilly! However, we still had a great turn out! We were moved to the section of Cottonwood that was under an awning, so it all worked out! The event was a huge success! Each guest received a raffle ticket to be entered in the door prizes donated by our fabulous sponsors. Around 3pm, Bloggers, Paola Rosales and Ashia Johnson conducted a Pose Perfect 101 workshop to help the bloggers take better photos for their blogs. LeRenda was on hand doing complimentary makeup touches, and the guests were able to shop the pop-up booths of Vida Antigua & Lonestar Vintage and mobile fashion trucks, Shoebar and Urban Izzy.  And if that wasn't enough, they could head over to Pop Shop Houston's DIY station to make leather earrings, cut-up t-shirts, and/or embellished DIY collars! 

Goodie Bags & Raffle prizes all set up with complimentary issues of Houstonia Magazine!
Once everyone arrived, I had time to chill with some of the bloggers and order some food! Yum!
After stuffing my face, I headed over to the Pop Shop Houston DIY Station to make some fun earrings!

Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum
Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum


Thank you so much to our event sponsors & vendors:

*Photos in this post taken by Evelyn Casas, Shalanda Turner & Nicole Kestenbaum Photography

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  1. Yay!!! This was an awesome event. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it. You did a great job with the recap. Looking forward to more events like this in the future. :-)


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