THE EXPERIENCE: Driving Porsches

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Well it's not everyday I find myself driving Porsches so when I was invited by Houston Modern Luxury Magazine to participate in the Porsche World Roadshow during it's stop in Houston, I happily accepted. It worked out because the day I was available to go was my Friday off! I was able to bring a +1, so I invited my co-worker Harry Parsons to come with me because he loves cars.  Anyway the event was held at the MSR Houston racetrack in Angleton, Texas. Our test drive time was 1pm. Upon arrival we were outfitted with badges with our names on them and were given a time to come back for the event intro. In the meantime there were cars on display, products to shop, and food to snack on! 


When it was time for our class we entered a seated area where a few instructors when through the schedule for the day and tips for driving the porsches. There was also a raffle and one of the lucky attendees (not me, unfortunately) won a pair of BOSE headphones. The event was set up to have everyone go through 3 driving experiences: Lead/Follow, Autocross, & Hot Laps. In the Lead/Follow Course you were assigned a partner, and assigned to a group of 4 Porsches in a Row. An experienced driver was always in the front car and the rest of us rotated through the 3 cars behind him and switched turns with our partners being the driver. We rotated through the 911 Targa 4S, Cayman GTS, & the Boxster GTS. By the 4th lap, everyone was super fast! The Autocross lap was on another course and there we drove the Panamera  GTSand the Macan Turbo!  Those were fun too and I heard a lot of tires squealing ( For that one, in instructor sat in the passenger side of the cars while we drove them. The very last lap was my favorite!!! We sat on the passenger side while an experienced racecar driver took us around the track in a 911 Turbo at top speed! Not only that, but they had a camera inside all the Turbos, so everyone left with a flashdrive of their experience during the test drive. It was definitely one of my favorite car driving experiences to date! Now if I only had the mula to buy a Porsche! 

I let Harry drive the first lap on the Lead/Follow course, and took some pictures as we were making a turn!

In front of the Autocross track was a 911 Turbo ready for a photo-op, and I took it! lol!

I first drove the Panamera! I loved it, and really I loved it because the interior was red! 

The Macan is apparently the upgrade of the Porsche Cayenne. The designer designed the taillights to resemble the eyes of The Terminator.

And last but not least it was time to get in the 911 Turbo for our hot lap with a professional race car driver! 

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