FASHION HOUSTON FH5: Grungy Gentleman featuring Jadakiss, Don Benjamin, Will Jardell, & Soccer Players

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I had to dedicate an entire post to Grungy Gentleman! The first time I heard of Grungy Gentleman was during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week this past September.  They were on the lineup and I think their show was late on night 1 or night 2, but I was exhausted and did not make their show, so I was happy to hear that they were going to come to Houston to present at FH5. However, I did not expect for them to bring such a star-studded runway! To start off, Fashion Houston announced that America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Alum, Don Benjamin would walk the runway! I was absolutely ecstatic about this! Honestly I haven't watched ANTM since like Cycle 7, but I knew who Don Benjamin was because he popped up on my explore feed in Instagram about a year ago, and with those eyes, I followed him right away! Hahaha. Then Fashion Houston announced that ANTM Cycle 21 Alum, Will Jardell would also walk in Grungy Gentleman's show, along with Soccer players Euan Holden & Michael Chabala. That's a lot of eye candy for one runway, and then adding in our local Houston Models, who are very attractive, well let's just say, the Grungy Gentleman runway might have been my favorite from the week!  Grungy Gentleman also brought in megawatt rapper Jadakiss to perform live for the runway! It was an exciting show to say the least! 

But I also enjoyed the clothes. I'm really into learning about Men's Fashion and how men discover their own personal style (as you can see from my FGI-Houston Men's Style 101 event post, here), and I love discovering new brands for men! 

Don Benjamin opened the show as the first model!


Peep the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for Grungy Gentleman, Jace Lipstein in his plaid coat!  He's cute too! lol! 

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