FASHION HOUSTON FH5: Jio'Zei Reyes & Rolando Santana

Friday, November 28, 2014

There was a plethora of designers on night 3 of Fashion Houston, including Houston Fashion Designer Jio'Zei Reyes and Rolando Santana. This is the second time that both designers have presented their collections at Fashion Houston.  They both debuted at Fashion Houston for the first time, last year! Jio'Zei presented his collection last year under the emerging designer category and Rolando Santana presented his Spring 2014 collection. I had the pleasure of chatting with both of them after their shows last year in the green room. This year Jio'Zei Reyes returned as a featured designer! 

I first heard of Jio'Zei Reyes as the winner of Jeff Shell's Little Black Dress Designer event a few years back! Congrats to him, for showing his full collection this time at Fashion Houston! I really loved Jio'zei's color palette, especially the oxblood, and deep reds! 

And in stark contrast to Jio'Zei's darker color palette, Rolando Santana featured a lighter palette full of pastels. I loved his choice of print for his collection, and the mixing of different patterns looked amazing on the runway! 

DISCOVER Jio'Zei Reyes & Rolando Santana

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