EVENT RECAP: Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend Day 2

Monday, November 03, 2014

As mentioned in my previous post, I was invited by Proctor & Gamble (P&G) brands, Tide, Olay and Orgullosa to attend Oprah's 'The Life You Want" Tour while they were here in Houston! I happily accepted the offer and had such an amazing time. I really had a life-changing experience, especially on Day 2. Day 2 started off bright and early...bright and early that is for a Saturday Morning.  O-Town, the outside exhibit featuring all the sponsors for the tour, opened at 7 am! Needless to say I arrived around 10 am...lol. I spent a lot of Day 2 inside O-Town, exploring the brands and finding ways to live the life I want.  To start off, I stopped by the Olay Renewal Lounge, that featured a Beauty Bar, Massages, Online Skin Consultation, Free beauty samples, and a chance to make a video responding to the question "When Are You Your Best Beautiful?"

On the right side of this picture, 3 reps for Pantene were giving scalp massages using one of Pantene's products. I even took off my wig to get the full 3 minute experience, and it was perfect! I could have fell asleep! 

I received a free touch-up by one of the makeup artists at the CoverGirl Beauty Bar! She mixed some TruBlend Foundation and gave me a fab bright lip that I received compliments on all day! 
Check out my finished face! I loved it!
Side Angle!
Ikea also had a booth and discuss ways to make your living space enjoyable and refreshing. Judge and Creator of Designer Star Cathy Hobbs was on the scene providing seminars on hot interior design topics!

For visitors at the IKEA tent, we could take a photo in front of the green screen and they embedded our photos into super stylish rooms.  Here's Mine:

Between the tents was O-Stage! Later in the day the Trailblazers, came on stage to answer Questions from the O-Town crowd.
The trailblazers chatting with the crowd 
Inside the Toyota tent, visitors could take photos inside one of the new Toyota cars, mail motivational postcards to friends and family, and decorate Oprah notebooks. I managed to fit in all 3 activities! I mailed postcards to my parents, one because I love them, and 2 they were the only address I had memorized! Haha. I spent a significant amount of time doing DIY on my journal! I love arts & crafts and was having too much fun! After creating my notebook masterpiece, I took my photos inside the Camry. 

Inside the O Magazine Tent you could sign up to subscribe to her monthly magazine! There were different levels from plus, to pro, to premier.  I took a photo inside the tent and they embedded me in an O Magazine Cover with Oprah! Bet y'all didn't know  you knew someone who was on the cover of O! Haha!

Montreal clothing line Lisette-L had a pop-up display with models inside the O Magazine tent!

Around O-Town there were O Galleries, featuring some of the most memorable moments and people that were on her show! 

Tide had a fun tent all about reinvention. Basically finding ways to re-invent yourself! I really loved the quote by Oprah inside the Tide Lounge! The Reinvention lounge featured fashions from one of my favorite designers, Tracy Reese! The CFDA and Tide Washable Fashion have partnered together to create looks that are durable, and can be washed in your own laundry room and Tide worked with Tracy Reese to design this washable collection! I thought the looks were great! There was also a selfie station, where we wrote down an answer to the statement: "I feel complete when..". Check out my picture below to find out what makes me feel complete! They also had a fun Bring It On wall where you could write a statement of affirmation.

HEB also had a tent, and had salsa samples!
I stopped to take a picture in front of the 3 O's! 
I even stopped to film a segment for Tide's Washable Fashion Campaign! After this lady of course!
After exhausting most of my energy outside at O-Town, I went inside for Iyanla's talk. To get us amped for the talk, DJ Kiss kept the crowd dancing in our seats! Oprah came out and before Iyanla talked, we had an impromptu workout session with SoulCycle Trainer Angela!! She was fabulous. Her Soul15 moves were workin' up a sweat, but we were all having fun! Especially because our bracelets changed colors with the different moves! Then it was time for Iyanla's speech about "Life is my friend." Iyanla's speech also touched on the topic of forgiveness and realllllly letting something go. You know how you say you forgive someone, but still hold a grudge, or bring it up later...mmmhmm. However I had an epiphany during her speech and decided to really and truly forgive some people that I spent way too much time disliking. I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders! It was great. After Iyanla's speech, Oprah presented the award for Outstanding Ovation, to a local Houston doctor who created the "Zacky" sock to help premature babies. After that emotional moment, Oprah brought all the trailblazers back on stage to answer more questions from the crowd. The questions came from those who sent questions via tweets! 

Oprah closed the show with a workbook activity of creating a new vision. 
I was inspired by the whole show, and I'm so grateful to Tide, Olay, and Orgullosa for this amazing opportunity to attend such a life-changing event!!! I'll be forever grateful! 

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