EVENT RECAP: Nick Verreos for Fashion Rocks

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Macy’s invited fashion designer, Nick Verreos, to discuss fashion trends with their customers during their Fashion Rocks event. Nick Verreos gave pointers to guests so they can look their best this Fall. Guests were treated to cute pastries and fruity drinks along with a pink bedazzled water bottle. Some of the brands featured were: I.N.C., MICHAEL Micael Kors, BCBG amongst many other. Fashion Rocks was set up in a creative way and it definitely got me involved. The fashion show featured examples of what Beyonce, JLO, Gwen Stefani, Jay Z, Adam Levine, & Katy Perry would wear. Can I please have Katy Perry’s closet?


The look on the left above was modeled after Beyonce. The fashion show featured many looks that could be worn for different events such as, work, a day out and a stage dress. I am completely obsessed with the “work meeting” outfit on the right. I am completely obsessed with the color pairing. 


“And of course I had to wear my cowboy boots for Texas”, Nick Verreos posed with the Adam Levine inspired look. And how amazing does "Jay-Z" look? The jacket, the boots, the entire outfit was great. 

One of my favorite outfits was inspired by Katy Perry. This jumpsuit was amazing and the cutouts were perfect. Nick Verreos told the guest not to be afraid of wearing amazing cut outs such as these. 


Every look was great but my absolute favorite was this houndstooth look inspired by Gwen Stefani. Nick Verreos suggested that if you are going to mix prints then wear the smaller prints at the bottom and the bigger prints at the top. I am obsessed with the combination and the cape. It was perfect! 


I definitely did not want the show to end. Every look was perfectly styled and the energy Nick Verreos brought to the stage was great. His interaction with the crowd made everyone listen and pay attention. I definitely picked up a couple of style tips for Fall! 

At the end of the show, one lucky winner won the chance to have a personal style session with Nick Verreos. Does she really need style tips? (I love her dress!). Turns out the winner was none other than Houston Fashion Bloggers' member, Syretta Avent! She blogs at Fashion Crazed Foodie!

After the Fashion Rocks Fashion Show, guests were able to rock out and use props to take pictures with “Adam Levine and Jay-Z”.

Written By: Evelyn Casas

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