FASHION HOUSTON FH5: Art Institute of Houston Emerging Designers

Monday, November 24, 2014

One of the things I love the most about Fashion Houston, is it's continued support of local fashion designers. Yes it's great to have the big names, such as Naeem Khan & Rebecca Minkoff come and show, but let's not forget all of the amazing talent that we have right here! And Fashion Houston never forgets. Not only do they feature established Houston Fashion Designers, but they feature up and coming and emerging Houston designers. Through a partnership with The Art Institute of Houston, Fashion Houston asked 4 AIH fashion design graduates to showcase their collections on night 2 of fashion week. Earlier this year I was privy to viewing 2 of the 4 designer's collections at AIH Fashion Week; Clarence Lee and Lee Yates, but this would be my first time viewing fashions by Breccia Demartini and Paola Contreraras.  Each designer showed 5 looks, and at the end each collection walked the runway with their designer! Check out the looks below:


2 2 8 by L. Yates 

INCLAN by Paola Contreras

DAL by Clarence T. Lee


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