Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yes it's true that I attended MAGIC Market Week (MAGIC) in August, but I feel it's never too late to blog about a fabulous fashion experience. Plus, MAGIC is bi-annual, so these posts will prep you for the February 2015 edition! After arriving in Vegas 2 days early, and enjoying a mini-vacation, blogger pal, Heather and I were rested (sort of...) and ready to go for Day 1 of MAGIC.  MAGIC is comprised of ten trade shows, but only one trade show was open on Day 1; Sourcing @ Magic. Sourcing at Magic focuses on the global supply chain. Without a strong focus on supply chain, your fashion business is bound to fail. Supply chain includes everything from manufacturing, technology, logistics, shipping, and more!  

On our way to Sourcing we stopped to take a few photos of the trade show banners. Can you spot Heather and I in the door reflections?

With the push to have everything "Made in the US", foreign countries have to work harder than ever to prove that they are safe and economical options to manufacture clothes! Over 35 countries were represented at Sourcing with a strong focus on Shenzhen, China! 
Heather, of course, ran into an old friend from Los Angeles!
Sourcing at Magic had a full schedule of panels throughout the week.  Because they were the only show open on Sunday it made it easy to attend their panels. I sat in the first panel featuring Nicole, the Marketing Director from ModCloth and Ashley of Red Clay Design. The panel was moderated by Macala Wright who I actually met in Austin a year or two ago at the Texas Style Council. Watch portions of the panel below or on my YouTube Channel here:

The Sourcing Lounge was designed by Laurel & Wolf. Laurel & Wolf are a unique interior design firm! Founded by Leura Spielman and Brandon Kleinmann, they L&W works to make interior design affordable and accessible to all. Laurel and Wolf keep a staff of interior designers that are aligned to clients based  on style boards reviewed and approved by the client! One day, when I'm designing my mogul space, I'm calling upon Laurel & Wolf!
How fun is this couch in the Sourcing Lounge? I loved the fuzzy pillow! It was super comfy.
Macala Write, Ashley, & Nicole
Before I returned for the panel at 1:30 featuring Red Clay and Modcloth, I roamed around the booths at Sourcing. Directly across from The Sourcing Lounge was the Jeanologia booth. Jeanologia works to find environmentally-friend, and efficient ways to finish different textiles, with a strong focus on denim.  Denim seemed to be the overall theme of Sourcing.


Where there are bloggers and a Photo Booth.....

Heather found a vintage pop-up shop! While I can appreciate a vintage garment, or vintage-inspired garment, Heather is the queen of Vintage!

Outside of Sourcing, MAGIC was selling tons of books related to Fashion & Fashion Design.

One of the last things I viewed before the end of the day was a video interview with Leura Spielman of Laurel & Wolf! That was cool, because I'm really interested in doing more video interviews for Live Life in Style so I had tons of questions for the camera crew! 
See all the photos from Day 1 of Magic Market Week below or HERE on YouTube


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  1. Looks like fun! What type of credentials do you need to attend the event? Is it open to everybody? I want to go!

    1. Not sure! I received a press pass from a MAGIC Market Week Blogger Contest I entered last year.

  2. Woo-hoo! Love the article and thank you for the candid captures :)

    1. You're Welcome! hahaha! Thought you'd like those! feel free to save and share them!


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