EVENT RECAP: Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend Day 1

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A couple weekends ago, Oprah was in town for the Houston stop of her "The Life You Want" tour. A few days before the event, P&G brands, Tide, Olay, and Orgullusa invited me to attend the tour and the outdoor sponsors area, O-Town.  I hadn't planned on doing anything that weekend, so this was a nice surprise! I of course said yes and attended the first part of #TheLifeYouWantHou Friday night. I couldn't attend any of the events during the day that Friday because I was at work :-(, but I made it just in time for Oprah's entrance and first night speech. I was really moved by her talk, and learned all kinds of things about Oprah, that I didn't know. I didn't know she was raped and sexually molested. I didn't know she was pregnant at a young age and lost her baby a few weeks after he was born. She's been through so much, but I look at where she is today and I'm just an awe! If Oprah can overcome those circumstances, so can I and so can you! 

WATCH: The Life You Want Houston Day 1 Video (on YouTube):

The event was held inside the Toyota Center, and every guest received a Life You Want Weekend Bracelet that seemed to hold magical powers! The bracelet was practically the lifeline to everything that weekend! The first night I didn't arrive in enough time to receive my bracelet, so when Oprah came out and all through her speech the bracelets changed color and I felt left out! Ha! I told myself the first thing I'm doing on Saturday, when I return, is picking up my bracelet. The bracelets were gorgeous in the almost sold-out stadium.  

Oprah arrived in a fabulous long yellow dress that exuded confidence and a bright and cheery future for all of us! She of course arrived to a standing ovation and cheers!

Oprah took us through a timeline of her life. In this particular picture she told us how one of the assistant producers were telling her that her nose wasn't right and her hair wasn't right.
Oprah featured local Houstonians who had a dream when they were younger and grew up to fulfill their dreams, like Candice!

Oprah gave us the story of how she came to be in the movie, The Color Purple and even featured a clip from the movie. 

Oprah had an amazing closing statement and it gave me goosebumps! I was definitely ready to come back the next day and learn how to live the life I want! 

After Oprah's speech you could shop the O Shops around the hallway. I was way too tired to wait in the line to purchase something, so I also made the decision to return the next day and buy something! 

Toyota was also a sponsor of the tour and they provided motivational postcards for us to mail to our friends and family! They provided the postage stamps!
I thought this was an awesome shot of the stadium at the end of the evening!

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