MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK: 25th Anniversary Surprise for Fashion Designer Zang Toi

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fashion Designer Zang Toi, celebrated his company's 25th Anniversary in style at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. He presented a 25th Anniversary Collection, that featured everything from edgy separates, to work wear, to evening wear.  The collection was heavy on the black and white color scheme with pops of purple, red, and green garmets featured in the middle. I especially loved all the boots, and for each change of color in the garments the boots matched. I'll need a pair in every color...thanks! In addition to a fabulous runway, Zang Toi had a star-studded front row featuring Style Expert Stacy London, and Actress Whoopi Goldberg. 

Every season, Zang Toi feeds the press pit, and this year I went to the press pit instead of using my seat, to capture better pictures of the clothes. So I was there when the food arrived! I think it's great that he takes the time to consider the photographers! But since he's been feeding them for years they decided to do a nice thing for him and his 25th Anniversary! The Press Pit coordinator, Richard, purchased a 25th Anniversary Cake for Zang Toi and at the end of the show, he planned to present the cake to Zang while having all of us in the press pit sing "Happy Anniversary". However, Zang was so quick at the end of the show, that he started walking back down the runway before Richard could get to him! Richard had to chase him down and bring him back for the cake and for singing! I definitely captured this funny moment and you can see the pictures after the collection photos below!


Full house in the press pit for Zang Toi
Zang Toi employee who delivered the food to the press pit from the designer!
We were starving! #NomNomNom


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